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My Bet for Melbourne Cup

My Bet for Melbourne Cup

Aside from it being a normal Tuesday today is Melbourne Cup day. Other than doing some work and housework I am living with the dream that this ticket might be super lucky! It might allow me to save more money? Maybe go out somewhere nice? Or just get excited if I win. Who knows? It is the idea that it might happen. The love of having some horses to yell for when the race is on, if I don’t put a bet on I am just watching a race. Not involved in it. It is fun all the same, but I like to be more involved.

Do you like the idea of the ticket to the race as much as I do? It I think gives me hope that things might work out the way I want them to, or it gives me a nice fantasy for a day and I have given it a go. It is like everything in the world, if you don’t give things a go you never know.

I’m not a big gambler but I do like have a little bet here and there, and Melbourne Cup day is one of those times. It is a bit of fun that is the draw card that I might win big. It could happen. Let’s just hope that my horses come in and I’m lucky this year. I have put them for a win and place as I think that is the better option. This way they don’t have to come in any order, just anyone of them needs to come 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

So horse racing gods, bless my ticket and allow me to have a win this year. If not I would have enjoyed my dream of winning and the possibility the ticket has given me for a day.

What do you think about when you purchase your Melbourne Cup ticket? If it is not for the Melbourne Cup what other lotto or ticket makes you dream wonderful things? Send in your comments.

Update: I did not win, however one of my horses did come second for a while and then no horses on my ticket won. I think I just donated to the cause, oh well. There is next year.

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