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Great news, one of my girls got up at the early hours to go to the loo (toilet). What a proud mummy I was, however after her mission to the bathroom she decided to go and get into bed with me and daddy. It was nice to get cuddles but I am definitely looking forward to having the bed to myself, no little body stealing the pillow at least.

My other little girl is not far off and it is so amazing. Both girls are doing so well. Soon no more nappies, and how good would that be. Yippee I hear you say, and yes I am saying it with you.It also got me thinking. My babies are not babies anymore, a sad thought. Although they will always be my babies, I am there mum of course.

Do you have twins? Have you found that one child is lasting longer with regards to going to the bathroom and the other is having more accidents. Sometimes it does switch so not always the same child. I am just finding it an interesting part of the development process.

I know both kids are different people and have a different timeline. All will sort itself out and I am not worried, just find it rather fascinating. Send in your comments.

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