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Little Style Master. Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at

Little Style Master. Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at

Do you have one child that is stubborn and will not wear anything you want them to. I do! One of my girls is very headstrong and is only wanting to wear dresses and skirts.  Due to it being winter and living in the Blue Mountains it is freezing and getting colder and colder. This does not seem to bother this child, she wears what she wants and braves the weather.

I do my best to put jackets, skivvies, jumpers and the like on her but all to be taken off in defiance. Do you have this problem? This child is wanting to wear things that are pretty or are more colourful!  Why can’t you just wear some warm track pants and jumpers to keep warm, we are only going to the park! When I finally get a jacket on her she is in tears due to the fact that her pretty top or dress will not be seen by the other kids.

It is not a fashion parade, or is it? Maybe it is and mummy has not got the memo?  My other child loves dresses and other things however loves to be warm and normally opts for the track pants, jumper and jacket. This difference has always been there, one loves the warmth and the other likes to be cooler and strips off often due to being hot or getting overheated.

This difference is like myself and hubby. I love the heat and he likes to be cooler, very interesting it has been copied in the kids.

Do you have twins or multiples has this been a common occurrence, fighting over clothes. The child that is obsessed with skirts and dresses also likes tight stretch pants. Is this a flash forward to teenage years? Will I get “Mummy it is not tight enough?”

I do think that the girls growing up in an environment that is cold and will be acclimatised to it just like I miss the heat of Queensland and the beach. I grew up in the heat and spent nearly all my waking moments at the beach swimming or exploring.

Maybe they will long for the cold if they ever move away when older. It will be interesting to see. Would the one child that loves the heat go to a place that is warmer and the child that likes the cold stay here or go somewhere similar? Only time will tell.

Let me know how you get through the fights over clothes, send in your stories. Are girls worse to dress than boys, or do you think it comes down to personality? I for one think it is personality.

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  • Foodie in WV
    July 8, 2013

    Since I have boys they like to run around in just boxers even in the winter 🙂 Inside only of course. I have to fight with my oldest to wear a jacket to school even when it’s snowing!

    • Suzanne
      July 11, 2013

      Well glad it is not just me, however one of mine wants to go outside in winter with summer clothes. Not on!

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