Sand Tax


Mum has come to help me for a bit as I was finding it hard with 2 kids not sleeping anymore during the day. So hard to get everything done and have a smile on your face still. The girls were dropped off to child care by my mum (Nana) as I had an appointment to go to.

I picked them up as normal at 3.30pm. When I got there, Julia was busy reading a book with 2 girls and I could not locate Lillian. Finally found Lillian in the sandpit. Covered in sand and with a big grin on her face. She definatley had fun today.  The girls were very hard to convince to come home.   Finally after about 40mins of running around and them playing chasing I got them both in the car.

When we got home the girls took off their shoes and socks in the dining room. Lillian’s shoes were full with sand, and that was now on the floor of the dining room.  I then cleaned it up. While this was happening Nana commented that the girls should pay a “Sand Tax” as they were moving sand to our house rather than child care.  This was met with quite an angry response from Lillian, she said, “No sand tax” in a gruff voice. Very funny. Then it turned into a game where each child would come and tell Nana that they would not have sand tax.

So next time your little one takes more sand home from child care, remember the sand tax issue.

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