I wanta go to school mummy


Lillian keeps on telling me that she wants to go to school. For the past month or so, this has been one of her wants. Aside from going to the park.

I tell her and her sister, Julia that if you both want to go to school that you need to be potty trained. This leads to them not listening and me thinking how can I get them potty trained by 3 years of age. The reason that I am wanting them both potty trained by 3 years of age is that they can start pre-school. This would give me some more time to myself to do study, sewing, cleaning or maybe have some unique time to myself.  When Lillian and then Julia comment on wanting to go to school, I say that I want them to go as well.

The hard part now is to work on getting 2 kids potty trained in the lead up to a cold winter. Currently the temperature has dropped and I started the training yet again, I know it was partial training as the afternoon they had nappies on for their nap. However nap is a loose word as no napping took place. It was more like a play time with the door closed, so that mummy could get lunch and be childless for a couple of hours.

I attempted to use the terry towling pants to at least show the child that they are wet and need to go in the potty. This just led to wee’s happening in the living room, plus a poo but it was caught by the terry towling pants. I am aiming to do more on the weekend. I just find it so hard as we go out often and we live a while away from places so we need to travel. To do this we put the girls in nappies, so the training will have to stop.

I am keen to get them out of nappies but it is a lot of work. Monitoring them while they are in their pants not nappies and making them go on their potty.  However I need them trained up or no school….talk about pressure.

The girls I thought were ready from 12mths on, however they are still missing a key ingredient, sitting on the potty for any length of time and telling you when they need to go. Any suggestions on ways to do it? Have been thinking of implementing a chart with stickers and stamps as rewards. Will let you know how the chart and sticker reward system goes.

I know it will happen eventually, but I am keen to have some time for me and I feel it will help my girls to go to pre-school.

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