Pretty Waratah

Waratah on our land

Waratah on our land

The other day I visited our land (ages ago we purchased land for the bigger house) and saw this amazing waratah. It was so pretty I had to share. I’m madly saving to organise our plans for our new house and getting there. I am squirreling it all away so that we might have the new house soon. More space with storage is desperately needed! It will be so exciting to be there one day, and to have these lovely flowers greet us.

Our land is all bush currently and visiting it is exciting each time, we never know what plant has flowered or what awaits us. Do you have some great things on your property that make you smile? If you have built a house what things did you want to keep on the land?

I cannot wait to get started and keen to see the savings grow, and cannot wait to give the property another visit to see what else has bloomed. Such a pretty flower and no wonder it is the NSW state emblem.

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