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Off having my walk

Off having my walk

I have been walking and cutting down extras in my diet, so starting to feel good about it all. How have you been going if you are trying to tone up or lose some weight? I do find it is hard to keep it all going. I only need something to happen, an event like a kid getting sick or bad weather and it is not as good as it was before. I am sure this happens to all of you as well. I must try and make exercise part of my everyday.

Do you manage to make exercise part of your everyday? If so send in tips and tricks to how you make sure you fit it all in. I must admit I was so much better at it when I had no kids, and that can be said for the housework and getting all things done. I hate being interrupted and find it is difficult once you get stopped to continue on especially when looking after little people.

Oh well, must get back to the tidying, but wanted to say hi to you all and to see how you are all going on your own journey of fitness.  I am keen to find out if what I have been doing is making a difference. I went to weigh myself the other day but the Wii Fit is not connected up to the new digital TV system, so will have to wait till hubby sets it up. No rush as I am thinking I might be about the same as before or even worse more! I am trying to be positive and believe it will be less than I was before.

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