Post Christmas Wishing

Me relaxing at the beach

Me relaxing at the beach – Post Christmas Wishing

Last month I was tagged in a lovely post called, “Christmas wish list the blogging tag game“, from Declutterbug versus Captain Stingypants, I was hectic and flat out so did not respond and that is not good, but thought why not do a post Christmas wish list.

The idea of the game is to put together five wishes and one sixth wish for someone else. What would I wish for? These five wishes can be fun, hard to have, or even unattainable, and of course realistic it is up to you. So what would be my five wishes:

  1. A housekeeper – Yes that would be wonderful! A person to look after the house to allow me to concentrate on other things. One that comes once a week to keep the house shiny and tidy. This would be so amazing and I would not know myself. I can only dream and wish… but may as well put it out there for the universe, you never know what is in store.
  2. Hubby to take the kids for a day each weekend. Yes nice idea! It would allow daddy daughter time and allow mummy to sleep in and have her time for sewing or anything I might want to do. Maybe I can suggest this for 2013? What do you think?
  3. We get money to allow us to build our new house. Again, universe if you are listening we would desperately love to be building our bigger house. As you can imagine being in a house with no storage and room to grow is hard with two adults and two growing kids. If the gods are listening this would be the best present in the world!
  4. Remain in continual employment for hubby and allow my dreams to make some money for 2013.
  5. I get great marks for my Master’s degree in Project Management and graduation is a great day for the family.
  6. My final wish is for my twin girls – May they have great opportunities and be happy in life.

Did you get all the things you wished for this Christmas? Or were they future goals to work towards? Maybe the list is a good idea, as said, you never know what can happen.

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  • Declutterbug
    January 7, 2013

    I am so glad you went ahead with this 🙂 well done, nice wish list 🙂

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