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My birthday and celebrations for graduating from my Master’s have been just wonderful, and I was lucky that my mum surprised me to come stay and celebrate with us. I have dropped her at the train station to start her long journey back to where she is house sitting in Victoria. I hope she has a safe trip, it was very nice to have her here to be with me and the twins.

New purse

New purse

I was very spoilt and hubby gave me a wonderful bracelet that I have never seen before for my birthday, graduation and of course wedding anniversary which is today actually. Nine years together is a traditional pottery gift and I kept my eyes out today but could not find anything. Mum and I went shopping for her last day here and it was very enjoyable.

Also my gorgeous mother in law gave me a great book for graduation pressie and Pandora bracelets for my birthday, not expected and just simply feeling very special indeed. So a big thanks to her and she is just naughty for spoiling me so. 🙂

I was able to use my gift voucher from family to purchase a new purse, and it is very groovy if I do say so myself. What do you think?

Happy colour inside of purse - how special is this!

Happy colour inside of purse – how special is this!

While out and about at the shops I made sure to get more flannelette sheets for my wonderful little girls, it is getting colder so once the other set is in the wash they are feeling the cold. Now once washed and dried they will be ready to go on their beds. Not only did I get my wonderful, unique new purse I purchased a gift for me. What is it you ask?

Well it is a book called Happiness. Yes sounds corny but the book works through things like gratitude, time for you, goals and dreams. I have so many things that I wish to achieve I wanted to get my head, body and mind organized to make the most of my time in the future. Now that I have no more study on the horizon I can concentrate on the things I want to achieve and do.

I am willing to give it a go and as per my new colours in my new purse it looks like I have the happiness bug already.  The happiness courses are also run by Kikki.K and the payment usually has the journal thrown in, however the time would conflict with me picking up kids so I just got the journal.

Happiness Book

Happiness Book, my book mark here was a gift from good friends also for my birthday.

Great guides and topics with the Happiness Book

Great guides and topics with the Happiness Book

Happy saying from the Happiness Book

Happy saying from the Happiness Book

So I am currently resting up while listening to kids run a mock in their room. Giggles and laughter abound. Why are they not tired. Both have been a little under the weather this week and they stayed home on my birthday, Julia went to school on Tuesday and Lillian stayed home. Today both seemed o.k to go to school so they should by all rights be exhausted, not to be so.

I am off to get a nice glass of red wine and watch Revenge a favourite show of mine and put my feet up for a while. Celebrating has been tiring and a break is needed.

Sorry for all readers of the blog, I have been busy the last couple of days and did not post. The next week or so I will fix this issue and post more often. Hope you all have a great night. I am now off to tell the kids to get into bed and behave and get the long awaited glass of wine.

Night night all.

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  • kikki.K
    May 23, 2013

    Thanks for sharing Suzanne. We hope you enjoy the Happiness Journal, it’s something we’re very passionate about here at kikki.K. We’d love you to share your thoughts and join in the discussion with our Collaborative Happiness project online here:

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