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I always thought adding wallpaper to your walls was super hard.

That you had to have special skills or qualifications to add it to your walls.

I had no idea that it was so easy to add wallpaper to a room and in turn that it is really simple to easily transform your space.

Wallpaper nowadays comes in so many different patterns, images as well and of course traditional flower and geometric shapes too. You can even upload your own image to create a unique one of a kind wallpaper. Some of the wallpaper is better described as wall murals or artwork as it is more like images stuck to the wall, but as wallpaper.

Where do you get this amazing wallpaper from?

Photowall is where I purchased my wallpaper and they have so many amazing designs to choose from. I got lost in the possibilities and the wonder of what each would look like in my house. I am now tempted to put wallpaper in all my rooms now!

If you need inspiration, Photowall has plenty to give you. Just check out all the different collections, suggestions on what is popular and other ideas from the Photowall website.

Does Photowall just sell wallpaper?

Photowall also has prints and canvases as well. You can purchase the prints on their own or get them with a frame as well, or add your own image to a print or canvas.

If you are looking for a gift  Photowall has prints that you can get framed and also wallpaper to instantly transform your space super quick.

Smoothing out the joins with the seam roller – We found this tool really handy and it works so much better than your hands

Except for our own level, the picture shows all items that you get in the Wallpaper Kit

Make sure you get the Wallpaper Kit

Make sure that you add the wallpaper kit when you purchase your wallpaper. It really helped us. However, the one item that we used that was ours was our own level (which is shown in yellow in the above image). The wallpaper kit comes with a level but ours was better for the job.

The kit comes with the following items:

A brush for applying glue, a seam roller for making the seams invisible, a paper hanging brush for smoothing the strips, a knife and cutting guide for trimming excess wallpaper, plus a spirit level, a pencil and a tape measure. It is only $26 but well worth every cent, it is a must-have to make the whole process easier.

Pergament Map – This stunning vintage world map is now on my girl’s bedroom wall. It has really changed the space for the better.

What did I order?

The map makes the room look so much more grown up now
We had to make sure that we could easily see Australia on the map

Dandelion Field – Blue – Wallpaper

This wallpaper was for my office. I measured just one part of the wall to add interest in the room. Before it had the Dandelion Field Blue wallpaper it was just painted white. One end of my office has a blue wall, the other end has a blackboard and the rest is painted white. I thought due to the blue in the room and it being my favourite colour the Dandelion Field Blue wallpaper was a good choice. I did look at some very bright and colourful wallpaper but decided on a muted tone for my office. It has really changed the room and space and added more warmth and texture to a previously white and bright area. As a creative person it has also given me a different backdrop for photos and creating more content. 

Each roll is numbered so that you know what part to put on at what time… super easy and helpful
Adding more glue to the sides and making sure it is all sitting right.
Dandelion Field Blue wallpaper all completed and looking fantastic
Getting ready to frame the Reading Circle Poster –
The monster from Where the Wild Things Are reading to the characters in the book.
  • Reading Circle – Poster

    This poster made me laugh. It is the monster from the book, “Where the Wild Things Are” and the monster is reading “Where the Wild Things Are” to the kids in the story. I loved this book as a kid and it still has a special place in my heart and when I saw this poster, I had to had have it. I made sure to get the poster and a black frame to allow me to hang it right away in my office.

  • Antique Seed Packets II – Poster

    This poster is from an old company called the “Alexander Drug and Seed Co”, it is the cover of their Summer and Fall Catalogue 1899. I loved it due to the fact that I have a person called Alexander and that it is lovely vintage art. The company was from Augusta Georgia sold seeds by mail subscription.

  • Antique Seed Packets VII – Poster

    This poster is from a company called the “Alexander Drug and Seed Co”, it is the company’s summer offer for 1898. It was for their Early Trucker Cabbage, Buncombe Cabbage and Mammoth Purple Globe Turnip”. I love the artwork and again as we have an Alexander I thought it was interesting. The company sells seeds by mail order and they are from Augusta Georgia.

What did I think of Photowall?

I was super impressed by the shopping experience on their website, the customer service and the quality of their products. Not to mention the quick delivery of all my goodies to my front door. I didn’t even have to leave the house, it got magically delivered to me and that is amazing as I am hours away from the capital city. If they can deliver to me they can deliver to anyone! I would recommend giving Photowall a go, I am sure you will love their products as much as I do. After you wallpaper one of your rooms you will catch the decorating bug and be planning what to do in other areas of your house.

Make sure if you have ordered prints with frames, the prints are not in the frame but sitting on top of them. If you rip the packaging open you might damage your print so be extra careful.

NOTE: This post is a collaboration with Photowall, they allowed me to pick my products and try them out to share with my readers. I loved it so much that I think you will be amazed at how easy it is to redo any room in your house.

A BIG thank you to Photowall for sending me the products to test out and to showcase on my website and also for the discount for my readers for December.

Originally published November 30 2022

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