Picking a Name for Baby


We have picked names for either a boy or a girl due to not knowing the babies sex. We did the same when pregnant with the twins, we had two sets of boys and girls names ready (at least this time we only had to come up with one name for a boy or a girl) and once we knew we named them once born. I was asking my mum how she came to name me my name. She told me she wanted to wait till I was here and see what I looked like and what name suited me.

This little person is waiting to be named. I hope they like what I choose!

This little person is waiting to be named. I hope they like what I choose!

I know plenty of people have told me the same thing and that worked well for them. However our way ended up really suiting the children we named and we did not use this method. We just loved our names and decided that twin A would get one name and twin B would get the other name as at the time that is what they were known by.

In the end, these names that we gave our girls have really suited them and their personalities…. but we had no idea at the time.

My question really is how do you know if a name is the right fit and will eventually suit a child that you have just had or have not had yet?

I suppose the name ends up suiting your child and it becomes familiar. You chose the name for a reason, due to loving it and thinking that it would work well.

Did you wait until your baby was here to see if it suited your name choice? Did you change it if you thought it was not a match? Or just stick to it due to loving the name?


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We are not telling people our choice of names as we would love a surprise when we announce the birth. Currently 37 weeks and 2 days and hoping this little person will be here soon.


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