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Sorry have not posted for a couple of days. Have not been feeling the best, stupid sore throat. Hoping to rid my body of it soon.  Yesterday the girls great Aunts Denise and Jean came for a visit, the girls had a great time showing the Aunts things like hopping, counting, dancing and singing.  Wednesday evening Julia said:  “I need to go get my keys so that I can lock my pram” She got the keys. Hit the button and then said, “All done”. I just had to share as it was so funny and clever that she thought to do it. I had to stop myself from falling off my chair laughing.

On Tuesday we all went off to playgroup and they ran, played, painted and had a very active fun time with their mates and were very busy little girls.

Today we were supposed to be going to playgroup again, but I need to sort out some pants that fit the girls better before pre-school starts. As the girls are hard to fit, I have decided to make some new pants. This will be a good thing if my plan works for these pants, I can then do a similar thing to sell for my business idea, my online shop and take them to the markets. We will see. With the time that I have when girls are at school, I hopefully can sew and create more product to sell.

So today I thought we might take off to Spotlight in Penrith to see if we can get some material to make some funky new pants. Also while at Spotlight, I think we might look for some paper for the girls to draw/paint and do collage with. They might have a cheaper way to purchase a bunch of paper for art purposes. You can only hope, using printer paper is getting expensive and annoying, as when you go to print you don’t have that much paper left to print jobs.

I hope to get inspired by pretty colourful fabric that will make the perfect pants and must make sure to get all that I need for the project, elastic and anything else. Now just need to check if I have available money to spend before I go might be a good idea. When the pants are finished I will post a picture of the finished product.

It is raining yet again and just another miserable day, so not a good day to go out. What are you all doing today?  How has the rain and bad weather impacted what you do with the kids or yourself? If it was not for kids, I might still be in bed.

Update: I ended up getting denim and some pattern cotton fabric for the new pants for the girls. Now need to measure them and create a pattern. I am copying a pair of pants that is Lillian’s favourite that I know fits both the girls well. Will add some length and make it a bit roomier. I also need to make them easy to get on and off, as the girls need to be able to take them off quickly to go to the bathroom.

Shopping with kids in a fabric shop has its own challenges. Julia loves pink and Lillian loves purple, so they picked up every fabric with the appropriate colour and tried to bring it to me. Julia was especially keen and got a roll of fabric off the table and tried to carry it to me. Pity that the fabric was too thin that it would not suit my needs for their new pants. I had to tell them that although pretty that we needed something thicker and warmer. This was still greeted with, “Mummy, look at this purple one, Mummy look at this pink one, It is so pretty!”

Also at the shop the girls left their toys and we had to go and save them. Lillian had her 2 dogs from the RSPCA and Julia had her Dugong, once we found them the girls claimed that they were playing hide and seek, they were happy to find them.

I was a bit disappointed that they did not stock any cord fabric yet as that is what I was after, pretty patterns in cord. However the denim will work as it will be tough wearing and also will keep them warmer in cooler weather.  As we live in a cooler climate and we are going into Autumn soon it will be a good thing to have warmer clothes. Going to school in Blackheath will mean also making sure the girls are in warmer clothes. It snows and gets colder there, so should be interesting.

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