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My exam for university is on the 18th of June, so next Monday. I am keen day for just one reason, I am off to the city by myself. Yes I hear you say, the downside though is I have to take a painful 2 hour exam to have this day off. I am lucky that the exam is open book as the alternative to not having notes is not a good one at this stage, too much to cram into my head at such a late stage. Formulas, theories and so on.

Today and this week I have been printing out my notes and putting post-it’s on pages to alert me to a subject or item. This way I can quickly access the page I need rather than search through pages and pages of notes to then not find what I am after.

James my husband is going to take the day next Monday to drop kids at pre-school and pick them up. He can have the joy of getting kids ready for school, today it was a saga, running away from mummy, not getting dressed, no showers, not wanting hair brushed and so on. It is so draining just to get two kids dressed, bags organised and then get everyone in the car. I know this sounds cruel but I hope they are not on their best behaviour next Monday, it might give the husband a taste of how difficult it is to get them off to school and on time.

I am also going to print out where I need to be for my exam, I have a seat number and also a room and building to find at the university. I know the area well so I am sure I know where to go, but I don’t want to be late or stressed out so will be sure to make sure I have details of where I am going and need to be, cannot afford to be lost or late.

So hopefully after my exam, I can have some me time, walk around the shops, get a tea or hot chocolate.  I think after a 2 hour exam a bit of relaxation is needed, and while in the city maybe I might go and see a film if I have some cash.

After university is over next week, the plans are to do a big tidy to the house and get stuck into my sewing…. I cannot wait.  What are you looking forward to doing after finishing study or a task that has taken your time and energy? Might not be study but something else that is coming to an end? Send in your comments.

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  • trish van baast
    June 17, 2012

    good luck for Monday & have a good break – every Mum needs one now and then

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