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Today kids were so naughty, they did not do anything they were told, both were violent towards each other and to top it off I was disowned by Lillian, “You are not nice, you are not in my family anymore.” Well that is not nice I said, however I was told that Daddy was nice and I was not.

In all fairness I started out great and nice, but after the hundredth and what feels like the millionth time saying things to the girls, you start to get annoyed and you get tougher and sterner, and the voice ends up getting raised.

I don’t want to be the hated parent; however as the primary care giver it is a hard thing to do. I am the one that is here the most, deals with everything and has to get kids ready for school, outings and so on. They are not listening to me when I want them to get dressed, they don’t let me wash them and it can it takes hours to convince the little trouble makers to have a shower – we do baths but as we have a big bath we only do that a couple of times a week to save water and electricity.  The girls tend to favour the bath but it is a big job organising this and easier to have them in the shower.

It is also very upsetting and frustrating to be doing the same thing daddy/other parent is doing to have your requests ignored. Oh what a day I had, at least they went to school today, if they were home I would have sent them to their bedroom for a time out.

I explained that due to their misbehaviour all treats and television is banned for tonight. This went down well and I only got asked once for a television show, as you would have guessed my answer was no. If they do the same tomorrow, no treats or television again – I am attempting to get across that if they listen and do as they are told, people are happy and nice to each other. If they don’t there are consequences to their actions.

Do you have issues with your toddler? My kids are nearly four and I fear that if I don’t get this behaviour stopped it might cause other issues. The girls are good and do things at school; however they are very naughty at home. I heard a while back that you should be happy that the child can be their true self at home. I am glad that they are relaxed; however I am not pleased that they feel that mummy is someone they can ignore and walk over. Has this happened to you? If so how do you deal with this bad behaviour? Send in your comments.

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  • Leanne hionis
    June 27, 2012

    This is the story of my life with my kids!! But Aliysh is also playing up at Kindy now too. Hard work these ages I think.

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