Tired or Just Acting Up?


What is it with the kids lately? Every morning they get up and argue. Not only are they arguing they are yelling, screaming and just being horrible.

On top of the yelling, screaming and arguing, they are ignoring anything I say and not doing what they are told. Also when I have asked them to come and sort something out, they race off in the opposite direction to play or hide in the backyard.

Are your kids being mischievous and naughty lately? Is it due to the end of school or something else?

Are your kids being mischievous and naughty lately? Is it due to the end of school or something else?

Is this just kids being out of sorts due to the end of term?

Holidays start next week and this Friday is the last day of school.  If this is what they are doing now I am fearful of the holidays.
I have told the kids that if they continue this terrible behaviour their holidays are going to be very sad and boring. I said that they can stay in their room and tidy it up and if all tidy they can play in there. This you can imagine was met with more yelling and crying!

My reaction to all of this is, what the hell is happening? What is the problem and when can I go on holiday? Why can’t I curl up and ignore people too?

I did take myself to the corner of the house and just have a big yell and scream to let out some annoyance at the stupid and silly behaviour. Aside from this a nice spa retreat alone would do me just fine!

Since this happened all again this morning I need some nice quiet alone time. I still have the noise in my head and I find that time relaxing helps me feel better. I’m telling the kids that they just need to speak nicely to each other and to calm down. I don’t want the yelling and horrible behaviour as it impacts your stress levels, how you feel and it is not good for any of us.

It is also draining to have to deal with this daily and sort it all out. I’m having the same conversations with the kids each and every day…. I am so exhausted I could go right to bed now.

  • Are you having the same things happen in your house?
  • Are your kids acting up? What do you think the issue is?
  • Could it be the end of term? Are they just over tired and need a break?
  • Could it be a full moon or something else mystical (you never know right?)

Send in your ideas so that I might know why we are having crazy days lately.


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