No Pram = Angry customers


You and the family are off to breakfast on the weekend. You have the pram with you, due to the fact that you have young kids. You are about to sit down to then be told, prams are not allowed in the cafe or restaurant on weekends.

This happened to a Port Melbourne man, George Hitchens. His story was documented in the following article, “Dad furious as cafe says ‘no prams allowed'”.  According to the article, there was plenty of room to accommodate the pram. Mr Hitchens asked if prams were being discriminated against but was told no, Mr Hitchens also asked the cafe owner if the same rule would be made for people in wheelchairs and the answer was no. The cafe in question has a regular customer that is in a wheelchair and they accommodate this person easily.

The response was that prams are getting too big and the weekends the cafe is very busy. I do understand the remark that prams are getting bigger and bigger. I have seen ones that are very similar to a 4wd’s/SUV’s. However I feel that if you, as a customer see that there is room in the cafe to accommodate you and the family, why not be seated?

I agree with George Hitchens that if this is the treament that they got, why would you frequent the cafe and would probalby tell others not to, but that is just me.  I am not speaking from the perspective of the business and I can imagine it is difficult to find room for prams and patrons. However if there is room, why not?  Just my input.

Have you had this happen to you? If so what did you do about it? Did you manage to work on a resolution, and go back to the cafe/restaurant in question? Send in your comments.

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