No more sleeps to mummies sadness


For  a while the girls are not sleeping during the day. This is very hard when you are on your own and have no help. You cannot get anything done while the girls are awake,the day is all about activiites, spending time with them and trying to make them tired for evening sleep. Although with all the running around with the kids you end up getting very tired yourself and have no energy for what you would like to achieve once you have the time and kids are successfully in bed asleep.

This constant activity is making me very frustrated, and not ever having a break is just so annoying to say the least. I love the girls and spending time with them, but mummy does need some time for her and to recharge her batteries. Not only is there no time for me but there is now no time to do housekeeping or things of that nature.

I have been trying but with the last month or so not feeling 100% it is hard to push yourself when you really should have a rest to make sure that you don’t fall asleep the next day or can get up and be active with the little monkeys. The girls are just a hive of action, activity and it is hard when all you feel like doing is going back to bed.

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