Mummy I will cry…or more to the point mummy wants to cry


For at least the last 3 months Julia has taken to being scared of everything when she goes to bed. She is saying that, “Mummy, I will cry for you, Please mummy I promise you I will sleep in the big bed”, and more along these lines. The girls want to be together all the time, playing, bed time and now in the same beds.

While I write this Julia is crying away wanting me to go back in there, however if I do, she will jump at me and attach herself and not want me to leave. She looks so tired, we had a big day, off to the park, lunch in the park, then off to see Rod at the airfield. While at the airfield they ran amock and managed to get themselves wet from head to toe and soaked their clothes through.

Then we were off home for a snack and some milk, a story and bed time/rest time. They told me they would be good but that was not to happen, so have seperated them. Lillian in the lounge room and Julia in the bedroom. Now, I have the screaming to live with before she finally has some sleep if it happens at all. She is exhausted, her eyes are hanging out of her head, she is rubbing her eyes, and just looks very sleepy. Although she is saying that she is not tired. I would like her to just have a least an hour or so before dinner.

It is interesting that although Lillian was upset with the situation she handles it better, there is no noise currently coming from the lounge room, I hope that she is falling asleep or at least resting. Julia seems to be worried about the smallest things. I have spent time with her, cuddling, making her smile and think about nice things, like faires, butterflies, and pussy cats, kissed her and made sure that she knows that I am hear and that she needs to rest before dinner.

Great, Julia’s high pitched scream has woken Lillian and now they are both screaming. Might wait and see if they end up settling, if not, will get them both up and they can play in the backyard. Just hard as I had planned to get some things done around the house. Once they are up it becomes near impossible to do any task. Oh well, maybe my deal is to have no sleep and do it all in the evening and the early hours of the morning.

Wonder when it is ever going to be me time…Think it might be when they start pre-school. The countdown is on, 36 days to go…cannot happen sooner for me.

Geez the carrying on is getting worse, will get them up now and they will have an early dinner, might be a blessing having them get to bed early as we need to be up early tomorrow.

Update: I got the girls up, they wanted to do about 5 different things, drawing on their blackboards and on the concrete, then wanted to go into the pool. I was trying to clean up the house and at the time their room, but could not finish. Oh well, they splashed about in the pool and now just about to feed the little monkeys and organise for them to go to bed. Yes, cannot wait, then I might be able to sit down and have a rest. Although I need to organise dinner for mummy and daddy still and to clean a messy kitchen. Oh the joys.

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