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Today did nearly all the laundry, very hard when it is raining all day and seems like the rest of the week. Also not good for Australia Day, the one fun public holiday that we all get together at the airfield and have a bbq and play cricket.

Also tried to clean and tidy the best I could. Although the girls are a handful as they are very active, it would be just the icing on the cake to manage to have a part time job that would just suit my situation currently. That said, I have found myself looking at jobs that I know that I could do very well, pay very well ( I AM JOB LUSTING OVER THINGS THAT I CANNOT HAVE CURRENTLY) but currently cannot due to the girls and logistics. It is hard, but the girls are growing and learning so much due to me teaching them, and helping them get the basics before school.

I think that the modern day office is so caught up with office hours and standard times for work to be done. I am sure that there are things that can be done at night that will fufill the brief of a job but from home. Telecommuting is the big thing, offering flexible roles. However you need to live close by, and be able to get to the office easily. The factor that is not ideal is that to do what I did before kids, I would have to hire a nanny. This would make working a pointless exercise, spending all the money to look after the girls and not be in front again.

It is interesting that we have all the technology in the world to manage to run an employee/office/business from a remote location but it is so hard to get these roles. I do understand that it is a matter of trust and making sure that the work is done, however, would it not be more cost effective?  For example,  the whole idea of having a paperless office, this has never happened, everybody where I have worked always needed things printed out for a hard copy.

I think I am just having this rave, as I miss the challenges, the accomplishment in doing work well and getting noticed for a job well done. Being a stay at home mother, this is something that gets overlooked and not even noticed, you start to feel that you are not important at all. I know, woe is me, but I am sure other mothers out there will know what I mean. It might not be just mothers that understand what I am saying. I suppose it is a change in life, or maybe a job loss that could make you feel this way as well.

I do love being with the girls and teaching them new things. To see the delight in their eyes and the fun they are having, but would like to build something for myself as well. I am hoping that with the introduction of pre-school next month that more will get done during those days, I will be able to have my outlet for planning my business more and making stock.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the kids, love the fact that I am blessed to stay at home with them while they are young and it is so nice to see them develop. Latley I am just a little frustrated that I don’t have an outlet. So this year, 2012 is the year to create the new venture, make sure that business happens and is a success.

2012 is also a year to focus on my studies. I am studying a masters in project management and have 3 subjects left. Doing 1 subject a semester so a year and half to go. Very happy to be getting closer to graduation, and wanting to keep the distinction average that I have managed so far.

It is going to be a very busy year and looking forward to the challenges that I am going to engineer for myself, to create my own outlet for me and to hopfully build a business that can work with my lifestyle.

Has anyone done this and do you have any tips?  Do you have a story that you would like to share?

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