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Today the girls and I went off to playgroup. Last Tuesday at playgroup Lillian told a little boy, Nicholas that she was not sharing her toy, a bilby but called Macca Pacca. Not sure why other than the influence of the show, “In the Night Garden.”  This boy was rather taken with Lillian and stared her as he seemed fascinated. She then got a bit nervous and said, “Mummy he is looking at me”. I told the mother of Nicholas that I will make sure she is nice about her toy. Then I got assured that is not the toy it is her that took his fancy, according to her he is interested in girls from 2-25 years who are blonde. Well it has started early, and more will come I am sure, boys fancying the girls.

At playgroup today the girls played in the much-loved sandpit, did craft with a lovely lady Trish – they made butterflies that get airborne by straws, all very clever.  They ate fresh carrots from the veggie garden, played with toys, had story time, and played with the play dough.

We then went off to return our library books, borrowed more books, and then off to K-Mart to buy plants that flower to plant. I want to spruce up the entry to the house with some pot plants. The girls helped me choose 4 plants in total, all for $2.00 each and we have one that flowers red, yellow, pink, and purple. Will plant them with Julia and Lillian’s help tomorrow.

Julia has been very clever today, she drew a near perfect circle with a smiley face, she had a wonderful conversation with her Aunty Kay on the phone (my sister) and the girls had great story time with Daddy with the new books from the library. Lillian seemed to not be interested in talking to anyone on the phone, whenever you asked her she would make a funny noise and turn her head or run away. She even refused to kiss Daddy goodbye this morning as she said “she was eating breakfast and could not kiss him then”.

Yesterday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat again and a bit ticked off that it has come back. Off to the doctors to hopefully put an end to it for good, also will make sure to some things checked out that I am concerned about but sure it is nothing antibiotics can fix.Was hoping today to get into some things that I wanted to do but ended up having a much-needed rest due to not being well.

Daddy lately has been playing with the girls a lot in the evening which is good. Lillian was being thrown around and laughing, then she said to daddy, “I am not a backpack”. It is so cute some of the things that the girls say, it is sometimes very hard to keep a straight face. Sometimes when they see that you are laughing or about to, we have been told, “Don’t laugh mummy/daddy”.

I hope all you day was good. Tomorrow off to the park with the playgroup crowd. Now if only the weather would cooperate and stop raining so that we might enjoy our summer. One of my friends on facebook posted a photo of a close up of her feet in her ugg boots. The caption to the photo was “A lovely summer”. This summer has been wet and cold and really not what I was looking forward to. As a Queenslander I really miss the summer days and the beach.

Good night all, off to rest for another active day tomorrow.

PS> Earlier today I noticed an advertisement for Kleenex – Free eBook: 101 tips to control the chaos. I thought that sounded like something I needed to look at. It is a great resource and think it is something that must be shared.

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