NAPLAN Starts for My Kids


Today my little girls sit their first test at school.

Both kids have been doing practice tests for days before today to prepare.

The test they are taking is called NAPLAN.

This test makes sure that kids have the basic skills of reading, comprehension, and maths.

NAPLAN started in schools in 2008 and the following years are tested: Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The girls sit the first test for NAPLAN today. It is over 3 days and a big thing in their school life so far. I just told the kids to do their best.

The girls sit the first test for NAPLAN today. It is over 3 days and a big thing in their school life so far. I just told the kids to do their best.

I like the idea of testing and making sure each kid is on track. If they are not, more help will be given to a child that needs assistance with reading or maths.

The results are also helpful for more funding for the school so that the school can help all kids and ones that need some extra help.

One kid this morning looked rather upset and worried. I asked her why she was upset and she said, “I’m worried about NAPLAN Mummy”.

This is what I told my girls before they head to school to do their first major test: 

  • I’m proud of you both.
  • I love you both so much.
  • Do your best. Doing your best is all that anyone can ever ask.
  • Relax, take a deep breath and just pretend it is the practice test that you were doing with your teacher.
  • If you cannot read a question ask your teacher to read it to you.
  • If there are pictures that go with the question look to see if this helps you understand the question more.
  • Do the questions you can do first and see if you can go back and do others if you need more time.
  • I told both kids that they are brainy.
  • They are smart.
  • They are clever little kids that will do well no matter what.
  • It does not matter how they do on the test just that they give it a good go.

I just hope that my kids don’t get freaked out by this test.

I hope that they don’t lose their confidence and shut down for future exams.

I hope they don’t think they have failed. The girls might feel they have not achieved after this test.

One kid reads very well but not perfect, the other kid has some issues and finds some things difficult. I hope that the kid that has some issues with reading does not panic and get upset with what she is being asked on this exam.

As a mother I am sure that I am more worried by all this than they are at this stage. The twins are in grade three and there is plenty of time to get better at things. To be come an expert or a master at maths and reading.

However if there are issues with a child understanding the basics it is a good idea to learn now about what the difficulty is and to get help to fix the issue. The earlier you can help a child that has issues reading, writing, and other things the better their life and time at school will be.

I’m hoping that if there is anything found that we get told so that we can action things now rather than later.

Parents can remove children from sitting the NAPLAN test on special grounds. If you decide to do this you can write a letter to the principal and tell them why you wish your child not to sit the test.

I hope that all kids do well this week sitting the NAPLAN. It must be hard on kids with dyslexia or other issues. I hope that kids that struggle with some things at school don’t feel too stressed taking this test.

This test is over three days. Today is Language conventions for 40mins and then writing for 40mins. Wednesday is Reading for 45 mins, then Thursday is Numeracy for 45mins.  It is a big thing the next couple of days.

I even put love notes into their lunch boxes. The notes tell each child how smart and brainy they are, and also how much mummy loves them.

Good luck everyone.

Remember just do your best and that is all anyone can ask for.

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