Mother’s Day Debrief


I sit here looking at friends and families photos from Mother’s Day, these images are of happy families all looking like they have had a relaxing, fun and very happy day.

Mind you, these images are all posted on social media so maybe they are from 10 minutes of the day when everyone was smiling? Was it after the stunning stylish image that the kids continued their arguments? Did one have a tantrum to end all tantrums? Did the mother think “Why can’t my family just behave for a simple outing for lunch?”

Mums are always busy and Mother’s Day is the same.

After seeing all these carefully curated images, I then thought about my day.

There were a few fun and happy moments, but it was mostly exhausting due to kids arguing, one kid having several tantrums, kids not listening, no one doing anything they were told, when we finally got to lunch the youngest refused to sit on his chair and decided to be under the table and then decide to annoy his sisters and me. I just wondered why we bothered to go out at all during all this and that my thought of staying home seemed like a better idea.

Before we left the house all kids and hubby gave me wonderful and thoughtful presents in honour of Mother’s Day.

I don’t understand why everyone cannot behave for one day!

Personally, I would have preferred to stay home and do some things that I have not had time to do, being on my own would mean I can concentrate.

I did post some nice photos of the kids as they were having fun and I wanted to mark the day. However it would have been nice to have more moments that were photo worthy today.

I am a mother who is over all the drama, the crazy carry on of kids arguing and more! Would it still be Mother’s Day if I made the kids and hubby leave so I can have the day for me?

Have you ever had a Mother’s Day without the family? I know I would miss the kids, but the silence and calm might make me not miss them too much. Finally being able to do a few projects on my own would be so nice right now.

The kids did wish me a Happy Mother’s Day tonight before bedtime so that was rather sweet, and I gave them a cuddle and thanked them.

Maybe next year will be better.

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