Kindy is a hit


The girls have taken to big school very well, and are enjoying it. On the first day there was a little confusion with one child. She did not understand when they all walked out the room at the end of the day and got their bags that the school day was done.

She raced out upset, crying and very shaken. She then told us after asking for a while what was the matter? she then told us, “They left her!”, “Even the teacher did not help me with my bag!” I was not sure how one child knew what to do and the others, and of course my other little girl did not. I can only imagine that she was involved in her colouring or activity that she did not hear the instruction.  Then when the kids walked out of the room she was of course thinking they were coming back. We of course consoled her and explained that it was the end of the school day and no one was leaving her.

So far the kids like school, but I do think it is making them exhausted. This is great if they just got home and crashed out. Not to be. They fit it and stay up! This in turn creates snarkiness, anger, and both of them being awful to each other. This charming behaviour then does not help anyone, and gets me and hubby upset.

The twins had their swimming lesson today and I hoped that this would have knocked them out by the time we got home. No, they had to wait until the limits were pushed and everyone was getting into trouble.

Although it was a disaster tonight they fell asleep quite quickly. Maybe next week will be different. My poor little babies are so tired. They are sleeping in the morning and not helping themselves by staying up late.

I am putting them to bed at a reasonable hour, but they muck up. Did your kids/child do this when they first started school?

I am pleased that they are meeting new kids and making friends. However I was told today one of our girls got told to stop making popping noises with her mouth and finger. She is very clever now doing it, but when the teacher is talking not a good idea. The other child joined in other kids making zapping noises with her mouth and was told to refrain from the teacher as well. Day 3 and they are already being told not to do something.

They are little and don’t so are still pushing limits and learning the rules. Let me know your stories and how your little one is going at their first taste of big school.

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  • Mama Carmody
    February 12, 2014

    My daughter was so over-stimulated from school that she would come in, tell me a little about her day and then go to her room and play by herself for about an hour. I think she just needed some quiet time after all the fun of the day.

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