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Before I got pregnant, I thought I would have one child, then after about 2 years or so, have the second. This was not to be, as I had twins for my first children, so good for me as no second pregnancy for the second child. In the news there has been talk of a lady with ten children and pregnant with quintuplets.  I think having ten children would be challenging as there are times that just two drive me up the wall, so cannot imagine what ten would be like, and adding another five to the mix would make things very busy indeed (busy is probably an understatement).

Some of my friends have more children than myself and they range from 1 kid, 3 kids and 5 kids. Not everyone is content to just have two children or one, some love the idea of a larger family. We are content with our little family. However that said, do you think people judge you for your families size? I do know that I have asked people who have one child if they might do it again, and sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no.

The reason for the no answer mostly is that they are content with having one and did not realise what one child would demand. With one child you can focus all money and energy into that child, also another reason is the mother does not want to do it again and would really like to get back to her job, life and assemblance of being the person she was before she became a mother. If you do it again, you have at least another 5 years of things you need to put on hold, well that is if you are not having help.

The yes answers are nice, and sometimes it is yes but we need to wait until we have more money or the first child starts school, or something along those lines. All fine, but it is really the families decision and not mine or others. It is up to you what you decide and do, it is your family after all.

Other reports about the Melbourne lady who is having quintuplets is she is in her 29th week and about to have the babies any day now. I hope that all goes well, all the babies live and hang in there. I do understand what it is like to have babies in intensive care and it is not fun. We were lucky that we had our twins at 34 weeks and 2 days, our girls were well considering and were only in care for about 2 weeks. So good going all around. Sending positive vibes for her.

With a larger family I am sure that she will have adequate help but it will be hard, but if she has managed all those children, I am sure she can do it. I hope that the media respects her privacy and allows her to get on with things without intruding, not like what happened in the US with the Octomom.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a large family or a small family? Do people constantly ask you why or when will you have another child? Is it annoying? What are your answers to such questions? Send in your comments.


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