Trying to cool down

Trying to cool down

Today is yet another hot day, we live in Katoomba and it is over 30 degrees here and expected to be 40 degrees in Penrith, so this would be 104 in Fahrenheit.

It is still 26.6°C and it is nearly 9pm. Crazy warm weather. Kids are finally in bed and hope it gets a bit cooler in their room. Have the fan on, door open, front door open and their window open.  Meant to get down to about 20 overnight so that is still warm for here.

Now it is 10pm and it is still 25 degrees although it feels hotter. Probably is with the humidity. Below is a breakdown on what the temperature has been like and also the future couple of days.

Possible thunderstorm
Min: 16°C Max: 33°C
UV: Extreme

Possible thunderstorm
Min: 20°C Max: 34°C
UV: Extreme

Min: 17°C Max: 23°C
UV: Extreme

Clearing shower
Min: 13°C Max: 24°C
UV: Extreme

Mostly sunny
Min: 12°C Max: 23°C
UV: Extreme

Min: 9°C Max: 22°C
UV: Extreme

Mostly sunny
Min: 8°C Max: 20°C.

At least it gets a bit cooler on Sunday although if this is the end of Spring hate to think what summer is going to be like.  Do you find it hard to get motivated in extreme temperatures? I do love the heat but some heat just makes me want to pass out and go back to bed, not ideal when caring for kids. What do you do to cool down? We went to the pool today but not helpful in a car that needs its air con fixed, should have stayed at home and just put kids and myself under the sprinkler. At least I would have been cooler and same with the twins.

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  • Melissa
    November 30, 2012

    I put my 10mo old in a cool bath today for a good splash – he had a ball and it cooled us both down 🙂

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