Paw Patrol & Michael Phelps Keeping us Water Safe!


With the weather warming up it is essential kids are safe around water as well as grown-ups.

The pups at Paw Patrol have teamed up with The Michael Phelps Foundation to help make sure that we all stay safe this summer.

Download swim safety posters and activity pages

123’s of SWIM SAFETY

  1. Never swim alone – Ask permission from an adult before you get in the water/pool, Only swim when the lifeguard is on duty (if you are at a beach make sure to stay between the flags), Stay with adults/parents, make sure your child is within arms reach of you at all times
  2. Know your surroundings – Know where the lifeguard is, understand where the shallow and deep ends are, don’t push anyone in the water, don’t dive in the shallow end, understand the pool signs.
  3. Take swimming lessons – listen to your instructor, learn to blow bubbles, be able to get in and out of the pool on your own, able to float on your back, learn to take a breath and move your arms when you swim.
Read, Set Get Wet! Paw Patrol are teaming up with
The Michael Phelps Foundation to keep kids safe this summer.


A – is for Adult Supervision
Teach kids to not go near a pool without you, make sure you are with your child when they are around water, don’t watch your phone (make sure you are present and watching your child/children), always make sure you are an arms length away and know where there is a lifeguard if you need help.

B – is for Barriers
All pools need to have a self-latching gate around the whole pool, you need to make sure the door is closed at all times as you don’t want to have people coming and going without knowing it.

C – is for Classes
Enroll your child/children in learn to swim classes, lessons should teach kids how to be comfortable in the water and take a CPR class in case you might need it.

Stay safe this summer with these great water safe tips from Paw Patrol and Michael Phelps

I love the water and so do my kids. The older ones (the 12-year-old twins) can swim now and the youngest is in swimming lessons. I still keep an eye on all kids, things can get out of hand quickly and it is more reassuring to me as a parent to make sure all three kids are safe regardless on their ability to swim and age.

My little boy is a HUGE Paw Patrol fan and will love the activity pages, and the bonus is he will also learn about being safe around water.

Marshall and Chase from Paw Patrol keeping us safe at the beach

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