Hectic School Holidays


Today is day two of term one.

The twins are officially in grade four.

The baby is finally not sick and is in care, and mummy is able to take some time to just be.  To sit and have quiet time.

The school holidays were crazy. Well, not all crazy, but some of it was just chaotic.



There were some nice moments of sleeping in, not having to be anywhere and staying at home, plus spending some nice time with the kids was good.

There always seemed to be something happening. One kid fighting, one kid hurt or hurting the other and then the arguments. Oh my gosh! As the mum of three kids, it seemed that no matter what was going on it was hard to keep up. I was constantly exhausted.

Do you find this? Trying to entertain kids at all times is difficult. Once you think everyone is happy and playing it then all changes and you are back to sorting out a disaster.

A disaster could just be someone throwing out a drawing or not playing the game they want to play. Simple things but huge dramas to a little kid.

During the holidays the twins flew to Coffs Harbour to see their grandparents. The girls were unaccompanied minors and they got on a plane all by themselves. This was a huge step and a great thing to foster their independence.

This was one of the weeks that I was really looking forward to. While the kids were away I thought that the baby would be in care, and I would get so much done.

Fast forward to the actual week that the twins flew to visit the grandparents and of course Alexander was ill. Yes, this was the week that my little boy was very sick.

No child care, he had to have mummy and now the week that I so desperately was excited about was not great. My time alone was non-existent.

I did feel like it was a horrible conspiracy. No, you can’t have time to yourself….. ever! Yes, I know that the baby did not plan to be sick and these things just happen.

However, why do they happen on the week that the older kids were not going to be home? Why couldn’t this have happened the weeks before the girls flew to visit their grandparents?

How did you fare during the school holidays? Did you have fun? Did you get driven crazy by the kids?

Now that school is finally back I hope that you are having a well-deserved rest.

If you are busy at work you might need to wait for that rest, but I’m sure work is a change from looking after kids during the school holidays.

I’m happy about school going back but I miss sleeping in, and not having to be anywhere important was nice while it lasted.

Doing your own thing was good, and I must say that I’m not really in back to school mode just yet.

How are you doing now that school has gone back?

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