Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Today was Mother’s Day and in our household it was also my husband’s birthday. It was a busy day and a day that I thought that I was forgotten about, until the girls presented me with some chocolates and a print out that they both coloured. I know it was both our days, however was a bit disappointed not to be able to sleep in, however got the chance to have a nap in the afternoon.

No fancy lunch but had a great time with the girls and hubby. Next Sunday is my birthday so who knows what other surprises are in store.

We all at Mummy to Twins hope that you had a good Mother’s Day, and that you enjoyed yourself.

I found this image for the Manifesto for mums online, and was on the Lose Baby Weight facebook page – I love the first bit, “The needs of our kids are simple: Clean bums, full tummies and a warm bed”. How true is that. This image is also right that everything else is a bonus.

Kids were so tired from our big day they fell asleep in our arms, I had Lillian and daddy had Julia. We just bundled them up and put them to bed, it was the cutest thing.

I am counting down to my special day next Sunday and of course my time out for next Saturday, facial in the city is booked and will confirm it tomorrow. Looking forward to it all. Have a great day tomorrow and off to bed now too.

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