Hanging to Watch the Doctor!


I am a big Dr Who fan and was so looking forward to “The Day of the Doctor”. However I slept in and missed it or to the point did not realise it was going to be on so early. Maybe if I was more switched on I would have taken note of the time it was going to be broadcast.  The episode was broadcast early this morning at the same time the BBC broadcast it. So it was a great thing to have it all at the same time the other side of the world did.
Now I know I can watch it on Catch up TV, for example ABC’s iView but there is an issue. Hubby is leaving today to go to Melbourne again for work and he loves the Doctor also. So I cannot just watch it alone. Oh why now do I need to wait?

I now need to keep away from media and people discussing this episode of the doctor as River Song says, “Spoilers Sweetie” I don’t need any spoilers!  So if you know anything please keep it yourself and I will hang for the next 3 days till hubby makes his return so I can watch the long anticipated episode of The Doctor.

If you are not a Doctor Who fan I do apologise but think of it as something that you hang to watch but cannot and think how annoying it is that everyone else has seen it! Oh well, that is my pain and I will try my darndest to ignore others if they want to discuss it!

I suppose we could watch it before hubby leaves for the airport today, but this leads to another problem. Kids might not like it and the constant interruptions that will happen with them in the room or nearby is not helpful when you want to watch the show with no interruption.

Google on Friday Celebrated 50 years of Doctor Who

Google on Friday Celebrated 50 years of Doctor Who

When the kids were younger I tried to see if they liked the Doctor. I started with the Matt Smith episodes with the one about the girl who waited. I thought this was funny and a good idea. However they thought it was scary so I stopped and have not tried since. I think they might think it was scary and I don’t want to scare them. Watching our much loved and waited for Doctor Who episode happens in the darkness of night with volume up and of course in High Definition. We make sure that kids are sleep so that we can have the full experience of our favourite show.

I have watched Doctor Who since I was little and probably started younger than the girls. I don’t ever remember that it was scary, the worlds and creatures that he met was amazing to me, and the fact that he travelled and explored made me want to do the same. I will try again soon with the girls, as I think being a bit older might help. I hope they like it and love the Doctor as much as I do. It would be a nice thing to share with the girls.

The game to celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who. You picked a doctor and then had him in the game!

The game to celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who. You picked a doctor and then had him in the game!

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? When did you start watching? Have you loved it since you were a kid? Sorry those who are not that obsessed with the Doctor like I am!

I even wanted a Tardis Christmas decoration but hubby thought it too expensive! Oh well. I think it would have looked wonderful. At least it would be a cheap way to have my own.

If you do comment and you have seen “The Day of the Doctor” Don’t reveal spoilers. Thanks in advance.

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