Grade 1 and Separate Classes


Today is the first day of school and the kids first day in grade 1. Yes my little girls are getting bigger and they are both so pleased to be the bigger kids now in grade 1.

It would have been nicer if the weather was sunny and not overcast with non stop rain but you cannot have everything. The girls were saying that they were hoping it was a good day to play outside but were a bit disappointment due to having to be inside on days like this at school.

In preparation for school starting I purchased new hats, new socks, new shoes (of course they have grown and I had to get bigger shoes) and polo shirts. I was lucky to be given the great YUUWorld Bags for the girls, which the kids were telling all their friends about the new bag and how amazing it is! (Get 10% off your very own YUUworld Bag until 10th of Feb) Did you stock pile supplies in anticipation of school going back? I was lucky to see the shoes that the girls wanted last year in the right size this year and to find two pairs was good work.

firstdayofgrade1I had to wake the kids up as they were so tired from the night before and of course have been sleeping in due to holidays. I really hate waking sleeping children… my instinct is to walk away and to let them sleep, however this will do no good if they need to be at school. Plus leaving them sleep will mean a later start which is not good on the first day and of course possible kids not wanting to go and therefore ruining mummy’s first day off in a while.

Did you have to wake up kids for school today? Or was I the only one?

I got kids up at 7am and I had breakfast ready for them. Weet-Bix is their favourite and they finsihed that off in no time. Then after breakfast I make them get their clothes ready for school before they get into the shower. Having their clothes ready means they are all ready once dry to put on the uniform and be ready to leave.

While the kids were in the shower I made their lunches as we had a late night last night I did not make them like I normally do. All lunches done I packed up their new funky school bags from YUUWorld and we were all ready to drive off to school. It took a bit longer in the fog and the rain but we got there. Pity that the streets were not like last week and I could not find a park (last week the streets were empty and parking was so easy). Park finally sorted, we then walked to school to then find out no one knew where we were supposed to be.

Finally the kids went to their old teacher from last year and classroom and then they came to the hall were all the parents were waiting. Once all kids and teachers were at the hall the children were put into classes. I was thankful that they did the younger kids first and then I could leave the hall.

The first class was called and my girls were not in that one. Must be the next one they will be in. The second one had Lillian in but not Julia. OH NO! Will Julia be okay? Lillian was smiling and I could not see Julia. The class Lillian is in is a mixture of grade 1 kids and grade 2 children. So that is good and I’m pleased for this. I think different levels help learning and inspire the younger ones to do more or get exposed to what the others are doing.

Lillian has a male teacher and one of the parents thinks he might be a temp but I hope not. He seems lovely and I hope he stays. It would be nice to have more male teachers at the school as they seemed to only have one last year and it helps with diversity.

Now Lillian’s class went off and she bent down to kiss and hug Julia. That was nice… I was very pleased to see this.

Julia’s class was called and then they went off to their classroom. Julia has a wonderful teacher also and her class is a mix of grade 1’s and grade 2’s as well. So again a good mix.

Both kids have some good mates in their class and seemed to be very happy.

Once the first kid got put in her class and the other was not called, my heart sank. I was upset and worried about how the kids would react. Would they cry, yell or get very upset. Would this be a drama and a meltdown???? I had no idea. I braced myself for it. I was holding back some upset and tried not to cry. I know silly really but I was feeling what I thought they would feel. I ended up being the only one crying but I was happy…. I was just emotional and dealing with the shock I suppose of having the kids separated when I thought they were going to be together. I am very pleased that the kids were happy and adjusted well…. Now I just need to work on me adjusting to the new situation.

They are in separate classes for the first time

Hubby and I have been thinking separate classes was the way to go and their kindy teacher last year said she thought that might be a good idea. I was asked and I thought from the discussions that they were going to be put together. No not to be. I am pleased that this was what the school decided and in a way it was out of my control.

One kid gets very annoyed when the other does something she could not or is trying to do. It is not a bad thing but it might take more than one or two goes to get a new skill or technique. Sometimes things work or go well sometimes they don’t. Both the girls are on track and are very similar so if one does not get something it is only the next week or the next day or so when it all equals out.

I do feel that this will help them individually and allow them to be their own person. Being identical twins is one thing but always getting mistaken for the other in the classroom would be annoying. Different classes and teachers will also show the strengths of both children. I sometimes thought that the teacher was mixing up things in the report card and that is easy to do when there are two children doing the same work and you wonder who did what.

I was just very worried as they are both so connected emotionally and was fearful that they might pine for each other and not do well. I know this is good for their growth and development; the classrooms they are in are right next door so they can come and see each other if they want to. They see each other at recess and lunch and of course share a room at home. One big plus is that they will have a lot more to tell mummy and daddy about their day as it will be completely different. They will have their own stories not shared ones, how cool will that be!

My challenge now is to do reading for both kids in the different classes and try to be there for events and special occasions for each classroom. I hope the kids have a good day at school and love their new classes. I hope they like being in their own class and not with their sister.

How have you gone on the first day back at school? Was your child/children happy to go or were there tears? Hope all went well and now to plan my time in the next few weeks.


If you have twins or multiples have you put them in different classes? When did you split them up. The girls were together for two years of pre-school and also to last year in Kindergarten. Let us know.


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