First Time Glamping


I have treated the family to an overnight getaway. I am so excited and for a while it was a mystery to hubby where we were going. However this did not last long as I needed to tell him due to logistics and how we got to our destination.

Where are we off to you ask?

We are going to be glamping on Cockatoo Island this October Long Weekend.  We are off this Sunday and back home on the holiday Monday. The twins have no idea where we are going and they will be so excited to find out that are staying on an island in a tent in Sydney Harbour! Cannot wait to see the kids faces.

The tents on Cockatoo Island

The tents on Cockatoo Island

Why Glamping?

I have been camping and know that you need to bring quite a bit of stuff with you. With two adults and two kids the things to pack would be extreme. It is just for one night and I wanted to make things easy on us. Especially me and hubby.

The tents are provided as well as the beds, linen, towels, pillows and a couple extra things. This cuts down on what we have to pack. Ideal really for a short getaway.

Why Cockatoo Island?

I wanted to go away but by the time you factored into plane fares, rental car and of course hotel stay it adds up for just a weekend away. Thousands of dollars for say a two day getaway. Nope not interested in spending that much. Cockatoo Island was reasonable in costs and the best thing is that we can drive to the city, park the car and get onto a ferry and be there easily. No extra payments for hire car, or flights. It is a holiday somewhere we have never been. It will be like we have travelled but we are still in the same city.

Cockatoo Island was cheap considering it has wonderful views and has a lot on offer, I wish I could have booked another night time did not let me (I wanted to do it on the long weekend and could only get Sunday night so that is great and happy with that. Was aiming for Saturday but that was full). There are tours that you can do yourself or have a guide, play tennis or just relax. There are also plenty for the kids to do. Check out the video below:


Cockatoo Island also offers great education programs for kids. Below is the video for Primary children but they also have a program for secondary students. This looks amazing and what a great place to make history and facts come to life. I cannot wait to experience it and share it with the kids.

More images and stories to come soon about our weekend away.

Have you been glamping? Did you glamp on Cockatoo Island? Was it for a night or longer? Let us know how it went. The school holidays are nearly over and we have had a jam packed two weeks. This is a perfect way to end the holidays and relax with the family before school resumes.

How were the holidays for you? Hope you are relaxed and have managed okay.

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  • Trishvb
    October 3, 2014

    What a great idea. I’m very envious.

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