First School Camp


The twins have their first school camp this week.

In fact, camp starts tomorrow.

We have to be at the school at 7.45am to ensure that they don’t miss the bus.  This means a super early morning for all three kids and mummy.

Last night I helped the kids pack their camp bags. The only thing that we don’t have done is their lunch for day 1 and a sun hat that they will take with them on the bus.

Camp bags are packed. All done and ready for the girl's first school camp.

Camp bags are packed. All done and ready for the girl’s first school camp.

I’m pleased that I finally got two bags packed, and we are not doing it the night before!

It was a trying experience.

First, the girl’s room needed to be tidied up. The floor was a huge mess and we couldn’t sort anything out. Picture kids standing on things, clothes and toys and then piling a bag and more on top. How would we know what is coming and what isn’t!

Hours later and much discussion about not mucking around and cleaning up, we were finally done with the cleaning the girl’s room. It wasn’t perfect but just enough to allow us to get organised.

Mummy needed a stiff drink by this stage and some painkillers but had to hang in there until the job was complete.

Now the packing started.

Geez, you would have thought this part would have been easy. No, it wasn’t. I was getting yelled at by the kids about what they have to pack and what they cannot.

One thing that the twins did not want to take was their wet weather jacket. This jacket has a hood and will also keep them warm if they are sitting around a campfire at night time.

Don’t tell them but I have secretly added the jacket in their bags.

They will be thankful as it is going to get cold this week and the kids are camping. What would they do if they needed a jacket, and were stuck without it?

Roasting marshmallows on a campfire. Maybe the kids will do this while camping.

Roasting marshmallows on a campfire. Maybe the kids will do this while camping.

As you might have guessed the twins are so excited to be going away with their mates from school. Three days away having fun, and not doing school work!

The girls heard about how fun it was from their mates last year, and have desperately wanted to go. This camp is only for grade four so therefore as soon as the kids started grade four this year their first thought and comment was, “We can go to camp this year mummy!”

Have your kids gone camping with school?  Did they have fun? Was it hell packing before they left? It was a nightmare here but thankful it is all done now… Phew is what I am saying and glad that I have survived this stressful experience.

It will also be a break for mummy having the twins at camp.

No kids to take to school and pick up, and also no after-school activities for the week. What a fab break for me!

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