Exhausting your twins


The girls ran around the house like mad things and then we had breakfast. They watched their favourtie television programme, called “Yo Gabba Gabba”, then we went outside to play for a bit.

Currently it is getting quite cold and we had to rug up to go outside. So when the Julia decided to try and empty a pot plant of dirt I decided it was the end of our outing outside. I love my jade plant and as it is good luck I thought best to keep it as healthy as possible. So I took the little people away from it and we all went back inside. I gave the girls their milk and we played for a bit.

As they were so messy I had to give them a bath. To keep entertained while I get the bath organised I put on another show that they like and then have to put them in the playpen. This is the only safe place and it makes sure they are not interferring in what I am doing. I get the bath ready, towels, flannel, nappies, change of clothes, and make sure the beds are all organised.

I can only bath one child at a time as I am on my own so it is not practical. I leave the other child busy in the playpen with their show going and toys to play with. Once I have done each child they get tucked up in their bed and are in their sleeping bags that their nana made for them. Sleeping bags are wonderful. We were not using them for a while and then the girls were waking here and there. I thought it looked like they were cold so made sure to put the blanket on them, however they kept on waking. I tested out the sleeping bags and they did not wake next time. It was great, they cannot roll over and not have a blanket. As long as they are tired, bellies full, they will be happy to sleep if they are warm and comfy. So make sure your little one has a sleeping bag as it will help you have a good night rest and them as well.

That day the girls slept until about 5pm, it was great. I did a lot and got some rest as well. Tomorrow they are off to childcare, glad they are washed and clean.

Just need to figure out some intersting things for lunch boxes and then I am right. I am always on the look out for more ideas, so if you have any let me know.

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