Childcare and baths


The girls were dropped off at childcare early and I managed to get off and do what I needed to do. So that was great. I had to finish my tutorial discussions for my university course. Nearly at the end of semester and crossing fingers that I have done o.k. Hard to study now that I have babies, well now toddlers to specific.

I picked the girls up and they were wanting to stay. They love the place and have so much fun that they did not want to come home. I pretended that I was happy to leave them there. Lillian told me that that is o.k, and she said good bye to me and waved. Julia wanted to come home but was worried that sister was staying. All very hard when you have to try and get them out the door. I am currently not using the pram to take them back and forth from child care as it is such a drama to put it up and take it down for such a short journey. Plus they are getting older and like the freedom of walking.

Finally I got Julia in my arms and one of the lovely ladies Christine helped me take Lillian to the car. Yes success, we are all in the car. The girls look tired and I drive us all home. When I got home, I checked their nappies to make sure all was good, and it was o.k. so put them to bed. While doing this Lillian kept on saying no as she knows it is bed time and really wants to stay up.

I have noticed that when this happens she is most tired, and a sleep is really needed. The more they protest the more I make sure they get a nap. This might help someone else. I think when I first noticed it, it was amazing. As this has allowed me get more done.

Other than Lillian telling me she wanted to stay awake, I noticed that the growth or callicum thing on Julia’s foot as changed. It is no longer black and seems to have decreased in size. Interesting how this happens after you see the specialist. He did not do anything other than look at it and for the sake of paying $160 for the visit to have it slowly get better on it’s own is freaky timing and annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about it but wish I had not spent the money.

Now need to call the specialist and see if we need to still go to the clinic at westmead. I will call next week as I got the message late and see what we need to do. Maybe the bath helped? She has had another one since. All very strange.

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