Doing a Jig for Air Con


It is official, I now have air conditioning in the car. Yes it worked, the twins and I even drove to places we did not need to go to just to test it out. It is so nice to be able to put the cool air on and have all the windows up, living a life in luxury now!  Yes I have simple pleasures at the moment.

So if you see me in the car, I will be the one relaxing with the air con on and just enjoying not being hot, bothered, and finally able to have her hair and makeup the way it was intended to be before I got into the car that never had the air con. Now I can look glam wherever I go, I just need to have the time to be glam (this is another problem I am yet to solve), it all takes time.

So join me in the happy dance for air conditioning in cars.

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