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Elizabeth_GiftofSleepNote: This is post is promoting “The Gift of Sleep Program“,  I feel that it would be of benefit to all with kids who are not sleeping well.  And of course to all the sleep deprived parents who desperately want to have a child/children go to bed and not get up till morning. Preferably wake up after 9am would be nice, thanks!

Sleep and my Twins

Before I had the twins everyone told me I was in for a rough ride. Prepare for no sleep they all told me. Well part of that was true but it was mostly due to them being newborns and needing to be fed every 3 or so hours. On the whole they were very good babies.

I had them in a great routine. If one needed to be fed I woke the other so they both fed together. This might sound cruel but if I let one baby sleep to then feed the other, I would be feeding around the clock and never leave the house! I did it to make sure that kids were eating and sleeping at the same time. When they were little they fed early morning, mid morning, lunch time and afternoon and then dinner time. The babies went for naps about 3 times per day. Early morning, then morning after playing for a bit and then in the afternoon and then after dinner. So maybe about 4 times. Remember they were just little and new to the world.

I must say that we did have our fair share of trying to get the girls to sleep but nothing like I expected. They did not take to dummies, so that was good as no need to wean them off one. I put them in their own cot since birth, in their own room and I did not bring them into my bed unless it was an emergency or needed. I did not want the babies making a habit of being in mummy’s bed and then not wanting to go back.

When they were younger I did sit up with one or both, when they were teething but I think on the whole we had it better than other parents. I have heard stories that their little ones have screamed the place down, gotten ill due to teething and just not slept at all.

Our new issue with getting the twins to bed!

Now the twins are five and they are making their way to our bed more often than not. The claim is that they have had a bad dream. Sometimes it is due to them being ill and wanting cuddles with mummy. When the child is sick and needs more cuddle time I take them and sit in the living room to have them fall asleep so that I can take them back to their bed in their room.

This of course does not always work out and I end up rolling over to a kid next to me and no room for me! How can a little person squeeze you out of a king sized bed! My cat used to do the same things and he was smaller than the girls.

I am now facing a new problem of kids that don’t want to go to bed even though they are super tired, and sharing a room to make sleep occur does not help at all. We are in a situation where there is not much choice of where the kids are and hope that we can make a change soon to fit the demand of them growing and needing to purchase new beds.

The problem with the current situation is that since the girls have given up their day nap years back (try three years ago) the routine has gone sideways. I was fine once this was happening. I could organise, get things done and the girls seemed to function better. However, since there is no day sleep or rest time it is go go go! And I can clearly see that the child needs to rest. Eyes get heavy, they start bumping into things and furniture and getting narky to me and to her sister. Not a great time and it is hell to get a sleepy child to do anything let alone SLEEP!

So what can you do to make sure your child sleeps?

The Gift of Sleep program is a tried and tested method that will have your little one sleeping through the night. Yes soon you and your baby will be much happier and feeling much better after getting a good night’s rest. The program can teach your baby to sleep and self settle after three nights! How magical would it be to have a nights rest without getting up at all? Actually if you get up during the night it should be called rest.

“Adults and babies are the same. Everyone is happier after a decent sleep.”

If you are walking around like a zombie and not remembering if you have done something, repeating yourself, hallucinating due to the exhaustion no sleep creates, then this program is for you! What you can do is sign up for the program, purchase the videos, e-book and get the materials. Once you try the tried and tested methods you will be a different person. Your baby/child will be a different person. Everyone is happier and functions better with a decent nights sleep. Why not read from other parents who have tried “The Gift of Sleep Program”, their testimonials will show how fabulous this program can be and the outcomes of happy families are the best sign of success.

You don't want the only way your kid can sleep is on you! NO WAY! Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

You don’t want the only way your kid can sleep is on you! NO WAY! Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

So what makes “The Gift of Sleep Program” so special?

Elizabeth Sloane has been called the “Baby Whisperer”, “A life saver”, and “A Sleep Magician” from very happy parents. Elizabeth has 20 years experience working with babies, toddlers and older children to help get them to sleep better and self settle to allow them to fall asleep on their own. As Elizabeth points out she does not force newborns to sleep throughout the night and she states that she helps babies over the age of six months to have the gift of sleep.

“And when a child is able to wake up and self-settle back to sleep – it is a gift.”

Elizabeth studied Infant and Maternal Care. She learnt lactation, caring for the babies and the new mums, plus settling techniques. She saw her patients after they left the maternal care and they looked tired and extremely exhausted. She found that the babies were waking more than before and their sleep patterns were all over the place. Elizabeth was on a mission to study and researching sleep cycles, sleep patterns for babies and sleep behaviour. Elizabeth was on a mission to find an answer to why babies over 6 months are waking at all hours of the night and making them and everyone lose precious sleep.

Due to her many years of research Elizabeth Sloane has a great program that works, as you have seen from the testimonials from parents it works. Mia Freedman the founder of has used Elizabeth’s services and has been amazed and awed at the results. Harmony was restored, sleep was had and everyone was much happier for it.

I for one will be making sure to look through all the videos, e-books and worksheets as I need help with our latest issue. Kids deciding that mummy’s bed is better. I will use one of the techniques which is never lie down in your bed with the child, always put them back in their bed. I think the days ahead are going to be interesting. Keen to see if all these tools will help.

The e-book has great suggestions on what to do, there are examples of routines, worksheets, case studies and more. The videos show you visually how to implement a technique and you can re-watch it again and again. These are great tools. Why not give them a go and see if they work for you.

On the right hand side of the website I will have a link to the resources and you can learn more from there and purchase if you are interested, you go to The Gift of Sleep Program now to learn more.  I’m now off to bed, and crossing fingers and toes that one or both kids don’t magically appear in my bed. If they do I am putting it in practice tonight!

Some great tips from the program, make sure that your baby does not get over tired, make sure you have your baby on a feeding schedule, make sure to have a bed time, and don’t confuse day and night.


This is what you want to see. A sleeping baby! Image courtesy of tungphoto at

This is what you want to see. A sleeping baby! Image courtesy of tungphoto at

Have you had issues with your little one sleeping? Did it get better or worse? What did you try? Has it worked? Have you tried this program? Send in your comments.

The Gift of Sleep Program - Your baby will sleep after 3 nights on this program

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