DIY: Sight Words Bingo


Do your children grumble and complain when you want them to practice their sight words?

Mine do!

With school reading starting this week I’m sure you will be practicing with your little ones so that they can progress with their home readers.

It got me thinking…. Why not make it fun?

If it was a game the kids would be more inclined to want to practice. Maybe they would not even realise they are practicing their sight words, and just think it’s a game.

One bingo card for one of my girls

One bingo card for one of my girls


What is Sight Word Bingo?

Sight word bingo is like regular bingo but without numbers, it uses words. The words you select are aligned to your child’s level at school and reading.

How to play Sight Word Bingo

  • Each child gets a different bingo card. (When you print out your cards on Sight Word Bingo Creator you can tell it how many cards you need. It automatically creates each card differently for you.)
  • If the child/children are not familiar with the words take a moment and read them with the children. Let them get familiar and know the words before playing. If any child needs any help with the words make sure to give them an extra hand. This game is all about getting to know the words.
  • It is recommended that the adult/parent use the word in a sentence so that the child understands the word and how it is used. For example: “Mummy had to think about where she put her keys.” (This happens a lot, yes I know I should find a place and keep them there.)
  • You can play this game as many times as you like until your child/children know the words. Once they are confident with these words you can then move onto other words.
  • The parent or adult calls out the words one at a time. Once the child hears each word, they cover the word that appears on their bingo card with a marker. (If you don’t have markers how about buttons or bottle tops – cheap and easy to get a hold of)
  • Remember: Not every word is on every card. If every word was on all cards everyone would get bingo.
The words to read out for Sight Word Bingo! Let the games begin.

The words to read out for Sight Word Bingo! Let the games begin.

  • When the child has a whole row of words completed whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal they have won. To win you need to yell, “BINGO!”
The other bingo card for my other lovely girl

The other bingo card for my other lovely girl


How do you create your own Sight Word Bingo?

To create your own Sight Word Bingo game, you need to go to the Sight Word Bingo Creator (see below image)

I selected two cards to be created as I have two children. You can select more if you need more.

I selected the Dolch Sight words and ticked the box for 1st Grade. As you can see there are more grades to choose from and different selections of sight words.



Once all selected and confirmed a PDF is generated that allowed me to save and to print.

I would recommend printing on thicker paper so that the Bingo Card lasts a bit longer and maybe laminating it so that it can be used again and again.

Have fun with your Sight Words Bingo and I hope this will help your little one learn more words.

Disclaimer: I was looking online and found the SightWords website. I was so taken with their free resources to help children read, and making these tools accessible is fabulous. I have not been paid to promote SightWords and had to share this great website as helping your little one read is very important.

Do you practice sight words with your child/children at home? Help at school for reading?


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2 Responses
  • Trish Van Baast
    February 15, 2015

    What a great idea. There are some marvellous resources available now.

    • Suzanne
      February 15, 2015

      Yes Trish, amazing resources available and how brilliant that they are free for parents. Suzanne

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