DIY: Play Area Ideas for Your Kids

Hubby building the twins a sandpit

Hubby building the twins a sandpit

We often hear that modern kids spend too much time using electronic devices, and one way to get around this is to provide a space for them to play outside in the garden. There are heaps of really cool ideas for DIY play areas for kids that will be sure to get them out and into the fresh air and sunshine. Here are 5 ideas that are relatively easy to make and won’t cost the earth.

Music Wall

A music wall can be easily made by attaching sound making devices to a board on the side of the fence. Let your imagination run wild as you think of all the different sorts of things that you can attach to the wall for the kids to make their own music. Some include old pots and pans, old xylophone parts, wooden bowls, wind chimes and wooden spoons. Involve the kids in the process and take them with you as you forage second hand shops, or garage sales.

Outdoor Chalkboard

An outdoor chalkboard is a great way of getting those little minds into creating. If you don’t want to fork out the money to buy a ready-made black board, you can achieve the same results by using any matt wood and painting it with matt paint. The kids will be occupied for hours drawing all sorts of different things and will have an awesome time enjoying their outdoor chalkboard. The best part about it is that it’s all happening outside so there won’t be chalk walked through the house!


A sandbox is a tried, true way of creating a space for kids to play outside. A basic design involves creating a frame using four pieces of wood and screwing or nailing them together. If nailing ensure that all the nails are flush with the wood to avoid scrapes as they enjoy their sandbox. Fill it up with sand and voila! You have a sandbox that will give them hours of pleasure!

Kids happy with the finished product. A Sand Pit, Yes!

Kids happy with the finished product. A Sand Pit, Yes!

The girls add a beach umbrella

The girls add a beach umbrella

Climbing Wall

An outdoor climbing wall is a relatively easy thing to make if you have the time and inclination. It will teach kids how to navigate and use their body in different ways, and climbing is great for fine motor skills. Attach a vertical piece of plywood to the side of the fence and attach hand and foot holds to that in various different positions. The kids will love their new climbing wall!


When we were kids there was always one of our friends that had a treehouse that we could go and play in. Building a treehouse will involve a bit of work, but the rewards are numerable and will actually add value to your house. It doesn’t have to be the Taj Mahal, the kids will be happy with something simple as long as it has a platform for them to play in, and is safe (of course). If you don’t fancy having the kids playing in trees then build one on the ground! All you need is a few STIHL power tools and you are away.

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