Cuddles make you better


The last week Julia has not been well and ended up with a fever Thursday night and Friday day. She is much better now! Yes you say, but now Lillian is ill and has thrown up… I know just when I thought we were on the mend.

Last Thursday night Julia woke screaming very loudly and would not stop. She said that there was a monster in her room. She was overheating, and just boiling. We gave her some painkillers, cold water, and a cuddled her and of course she and sister wanted to stay in mummy and daddies bed as they did not want a repeat performance of the monster. Friday night was not great as she was still out of sorts, but at least they started in their beds but Julia was up and down all night.

I am pleased that Julia is feeling better and hope that this bug is only bad for a couple of days as what has happened with Julia. Going out this weekend might not be something we can do but at least it is the weekend when we are all home to help them get better.  More cuddles the better right?

I did have plans to go off and get the kids hair trimmed and neaten up at the hairdresser but that can wait. I also wanted to go off to the shops down the mountain, but again this can wait. Not sure if we will be all well for swimming again this week as we missed last week as well. 🙁

Has your house been inundated with sickness already? Winter has just started and kids have been ill. Hoping it all goes away soon! I have been the chief cuddler in the house and it is nice, but would be even nicer to not have kids ill. Don’t get me wrong, having a nice cuddle with my little munchkins is so lovely but it is even better when people are well.

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  • Foodie in WV
    June 8, 2013

    My kids get sick every winter. Last year I ended up in the hospital with really bad pneumonia. I dread all the sickness that winter brings, yuck. I hope your girls feel better, it is so hard when your kids get sick!

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