Climbing at Treetops Adventure Western Sydney


I wanted to take Alex somewhere fun, somewhere different from the usual park.

But where?

Why not Treetops Adventure at Western Sydney. You don’t have to visit the Western Sydney location, this is the one we visited. The Western Sydney Treetops are within the Western Sydney Parklands.

In fact, Treetops Adventures are available in 8 different locations in NSW, also in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

I looked online for a great spot to take my active six-year-old and settled on Treetops adventure. I magically booked one of the last times for their adventures that day and of course, high-tailed it down the mountain to get there on time. I was however about 15 minutes late, but I soon discovered that was okay. Thank goodness for that!


He had the safety rope on the course to make sure he was safe even if he fell

We were in time for my little boy to join a group of other kids, he just needed to get his harness fitted and wait for the group to have their safety induction and their guide to tell them the rules of what to do and of course not do. If they needed help there were staff there with their harness on ready to climb to help out.

At first, my little boy was a bit shocked we didn’t end up at the park he thought we were going to…however, I did tell him we were off on an adventure to do something different.

See our YouTube video of our Treetops Adventure

Balancing to make sure he has the edge
Brave and keen to climb all the courses

Alex grew his confidence with the different courses.

One course had my six-year-old fall off the timber or logs that were there. He did have a harness and was also strapped on with the metal safety line, so no worry about falling. However, losing his footing was a bit scary and I had to talk him through how to get back on the logs.

I did get the attention of one of the staff there and they were on their way and then Alex managed to sort it all out himself.

These ones move and Alex took a bit longer making sure he put his foot on the next one correctly

The courses that had moving logs or missing parts where you would put your feet made my little boy a bit worried at first, he did get the hang of how to work the ones that were moving and then with the ones that had missing parts he favoured the area that had more timber for him to stand.

Getting across the course slowly but surely

He also was very focused on what he was doing and how he managed each course.

When Alex got to the Ziplines he was able to take off the zip fitting and put it on the metal line for the zip adventure himself. He got really good at it and even though he fiddled a bit sometimes getting it off the metal rope he yelled at me that he didn’t need help, he would say very loudly “I don’t need help!”

Was a bit worried about the gaps and the logs…at least they don’t move
Got the hang of the net

This was a great decision to take my little one to Treetops Adventure at Western Sydney, he loved it. In fact, he really didn’t want to leave.

Having heaps of fun climbing

I now really would like to take the twins to experience more Treetops Adventures throughout Sydney. For all kids to do a park together I would need to have courses for the bigger kids and many courses for the younger person too.

If you are looking at an activity for the holidays, weekend or any time climbing at TreeTops is something I would highly recommend. Not only is it great for kids as they are outdoors, it helps with their confidence and problem-solving abilities it is also fun and different from your standard park.

Alex had never climbed at Treetops before and was racing around and doing the courses multiple times, he seemed to be an expert after doing it many many times!


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