Christmas Tree Up

Christmas Tree 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

On Wednesday I put part of the Christmas Tree up but left most of it for the girls to help me with. We have a fake one that you need to put the branches on one by one. Each section is labelled with letters. The bottom is C, the next one B and the other one A. I was worried that as I had left the branches on the living room floor and the girls were deciding to do it themselves it might be a bit of a mess. I was surprised and amazed.

The girls knew what letters were which and put the right sections in the right areas. What clever girls. I was so taken with what they did and that they got it all right.  The girls made decorations at school so we added those and also our other decorations also. Each year I get an ornamate for me and my mother in law with the girls faces on it. I have done it since birth. It is a great way to see how they have grown and it makes your tree a little more personal.

The girls just had a great time decorating and helping up the tree, and was topped off by daddy putting up the lights last night. I took a picture this morning of the girls proudly next to the Christmas tree. They were pulling funny smiley faces, very happy girls.

Do your kids help you with decorating and putting up the Christmas Tree? Is it is a chore or are they helpful?  Send in your comments.

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