Can mummy have a holiday now?


School has now been back one week and things have gone back to normal, by normal I mean that all the organised events have started and we must be at places at certain times now. In holidays, you can just do whatever you want and choose to stay at home or to not be somewhere if you don’t want to.  I have cut back on after school activities this year to try and have a calmer and easier time. Last year I was madly racing around and the only free day we had was Thursday. Crazy if you ask me.

Lately the kids have been acting crazy and more than usual.

  • Is it the age they are at?
  • Why are they not listening?
  • Why don’t they hear me when I am right next to them?
  • Why is it such a chore to get anyone to do anything or listen to me!
  • Why am I constantly getting ignored? Oh, it is so frustrating when you must constantly repeat yourself.
  • Another issue that is happening is that the twins are never answering me or hubby when we ask them a question. They just never answer. So, you repeat the question. This then leads to nothing again. Ohhhhhh the frustration when kids never answer you. Do you have this happen to? Why do you think they never answer you? I asked and they seem to be able to do this at school. I then asked why it cannot happen at home. The response was, home is different and that is why we don’t. Interesting!
Don't disturb mummy needs some peace and quiet.

Don’t disturb mummy needs some peace and quiet.

Is the reason they are defying me and not listening due to more independence? They do think that they can do whatever they want and this is met with a BIG NO from me. Of course, they can do things that they can do but I don’t allow them to do whatever they want. I have boundaries and rules like any parent.

You can imagine that during the nearly six weeks of school holidays I was driven mad or to a near walking dead zombie of my previous self. Having kids racing everywhere and anywhere, always on the go and not listening when you are telling them no really exhausts you.

My whole being is tired.

All my cells need time to rest and relax.

My brain needs quiet time for mummy to think and to refocus.

The twins being back at school and the baby being at childcare has allowed some time for me. However, this I find is not enough. I think I really need a vacation away from everything.

The school day is short. Drop off at 8.55am and pick up at 2.55pm so that is not a full day at all. If you must be at school for an event, then it is an even shorter day.

When the baby goes to care that is great as then all three kids are having fun and mummy can do what she has been desperate to do.  I could be drooling over getting the house tidy, doing work on the blog or just some quiet time for me.

Lately I have just liked the fact that I can come home and sit in an empty house. This house has no noise, no kids yelling MUMMY at the top of their lungs and the yelling and carrying on that happens when they are fighting which seems like is every minute.


I’m so over it. I am fed up.

I want all the craziness to end. I want a peaceful household and for people to listen when they are spoken to.

Why is this so hard to have this happen? I don’t understand!


I make a cup of coffee or tea and just stare at the wall or watch the television to chill out while relaxing and calming down. It gives me some time to just do nothing and then I can do whatever I need to do.


I’ve been drooling over the whole idea of a mums only holiday. I would go away to a retreat and not come back for a while. Not sure how long but would love to stay for a few weeks at the very least. I don’t think a few hours a day really allows your body to de-stress and to calm down after having six weeks of crazy.

I seem to have the constant white noise in my head. The noise is also the constant conversations and arguments that have just been. I find that my brain keeps them for a while and they go around and around until they are no more. I know I cannot be the only one that has this happen to them.

Some of the things that I do to chill out:

  • Make sure I have some quiet time for just me
  • Do nothing for a while
  • Meditate
  • Take baths
  • If I cannot take a bath, I have a soothing hot shower to relax.
  • Take walks (I do like to take them on my own but if I cannot I take the baby in the pram)
  • Change of scenery. I like to have a cup of coffee out at a café to make me feel good.
  • I do like to go to the movies on my own. This way no one is yelling or creating an issue when mummy wants to watch her much anticipated film. (I am wanting to do this now that Alexander is in care)
  • Clean up the house a bit so that it is more in order. I like to try and have things sorted. Currently things are a mess and that does not help with my mood so tidying up is on the list to do.

Do you find that you need more time on your own to unwind? Do you feel that the little time you get is not enough?

Other than being gifted a retreat holiday for one or winning the lotto to go, I make do with the small things that I can do at home. How do you chill out as a busy and stressed out mumma.

Let us know.

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