Are Spiders Plotting To Kill Me?


Spiders are not my favourite, actually I hate them.

Eight furry legs.

A face looking at you.

and I’m sure they are plotting their next move against me!

I know that some spiders are good. These good spiders eat the flies and bugs and don’t hurt you at all.

Huntsman spiders your days are numbered if you enter my house.

Huntsman spiders your days are numbered if you enter my house.

These good spiders are doing their best to help my house be bug free and it must be a HUGE job and under a hostile environment (by hostile, I don’t want them in my house at all!).  I try and remove any spiders whether they are nice or not out of my house.

So as you might have guessed bug spray is my favourite accessory to ensure I am not face to face with a creepy spider or worse.

Lately I have been inundated with spiders and I think it is due to the hot weather. Yep I’m blaming the heatwave yet again. Or it could be the time of year? Who knows but spiders think that they can make my home theirs and that is NOT ON!

The other night I was in the bathroom, I was brushing my teeth. While I was in the bathroom there was a spider that saw me, I saw him/her and it got closer and closer when it did not think I was looking (It must have fancied itself as a ninja spider).

After brushing my teeth and cleaning up I needed to go to the toilet. To get to the toilet I had to walk past this spider that was slowly trying to get closer to me.

Geez is this pay back for killing its family?

I know this sounds crazy but the next time I walk into the bathroom I’m sure I will get attacked by the spiders that are still there.

They are lying in wait to finally give me some of the medicine that I have dished out to them. Would it be poison like the bug spray?

Or will it be an attack of force with as many spiders as possible and they bite me at the same time?

Will hubby find me on the floor of the bathroom and covered in spiders?

Pay back sorted. Human ended, spiders will win. I just hope that this reality never happens. Currently the humans are winning with the war against the spiders trying to camp out in my house without permission. Even if they could speak and asked me if they could stay, the answer would be a very firm and big NO!

Do you have the same thoughts about spiders in your house? If you kill one, will others retaliate?

These are some of the thoughts that go through my brain after an encounter with a spider. What about you? Are you having similar thoughts? Let us know.

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