Note: One good thing is my order did not get cancelled and will be shipped today! I will receive a new dongle for my fitbit soon. So that is great news.

My first annoying thing of the day!

When I packed up to leave due to impending fires, I packed my fitbit and of course the dongle that went with it. For days I have not been able to find the dongle, I had the fitbit zip but not the bit to sync to the computer. Annoying and driving me mad trying to find it. Since I looked at all places that knew it might be and not finding it, I bit the bullet and did an order via the FitBit website to order a new one.

I then got busy getting ready to leave the house and came back to my desk to get my phone and of course what do I find, Yes the dongle sitting on my desk near my keyboard! Typical that this has happened. Once I got home from dropping kids off and seeing if I can get some things for their school which is the other story I will tell I tried to set it all up again.

Do you think it is working? NO! The computer sees that the Bluetooth dongle is connected but the software for the FitBit is not talking to it or seeing that the dongle is plugged in! I have restarted the computer. No luck! I have removed FitBit Software and reinstalled, still no luck! Getting very annoyed now.

I tried to cancel my order this morning due to finding original dongle but now it is not working I might need the order to turn up. My emails are bouncing back and will try to let them know via their website. I had to remove the app on my iPhone as it was not syncing and downloaded the new one. The new app for my iPhone is trying to update and never does it. Also it is taking forever to sync. Not sure why but will ask them this as well.

2nd annoying thing of the day!

My kids are dressing up as insects for the Rhododendron festival. Every year the pre-school marches in it. One kid is going to be a lady beetle and the other a butterfly. Do you think I can find a costume for this, NO! We have no K-Mart, Target has fairy costumes that the kids don’t want, the toy shop has nothing, Go Lo the cheap shop that had dress ups is closed, I have gone to the second hand shops and they have nothing! And of course the costume shop is closed!

My option is to borrow one, the kids wear fairy costumes, make something at short notice and no time, or drive to Penrith to get one. Not sure if I have the time to do the drive to Penrith as that takes a day with kids.  There is no where here that I can purchase a cheap costume for kids. One shop was selling a fairy costume for $62 each! Not good for a little parade and for 2 kids. Just too expensive.

I know I should have organised something earlier but I was busy and did not look at a sign at the school. My mistake. Now I need to get it sorted before Saturday!

3rd annoying thing of the day!

Need to clean the house in record time as today is the only day without kids. Well tomorrow is sort of but have about 1 hour of time tomorrow for me. So I’m going offline to power through the house like a woman possessed!

Let me know what has annoyed you lately! Send in your comments.

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