Advice From A Unicorn


While in Rylstone I visited a second-hand store and purchased a fun little book.

The book is called “BE A UNICORN & live life on the bright side” by Sarah Ford.

My investment in this fun book was $4 and I am sure when it was at the bookshop it commanded more. However, I fell in love with what the book was saying. And I think my life in 2021 could use the advice of a unicorn, what about you?

I love the fact that the unicorn has 10 rules for living a good life. Read them and make sure you follow the rules.

I especially love the rule that tells you, you need to make time to do nothing…this is a rule I can abide by. (Yep, just like the DUDE, I will abide)

This year I am making sure to look at my Live on the bright side book and live life like a unicorn.

The book is fun but also has good points to make sure you enjoy life and relax. Although it is written in humour there is a lot of truth with the advice given.

Follow the unicorn to make sure you have the best 2021 yet!

Today’s way of looking at life is below

Better to look at the rainbows than spend your time digging for gold. Enjoy your surroundings and take in the pretty and wonderful scenery.

Keep a look out for more wisdom from this wise and bright unicorn this year. I will be posting thoughts from this fun and amazing book.

If you have the book also what piece of wisdom is your favourtie?

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