1 in 4 Not Isolating…WHY????


I like many of you are sad and upset to learn that 1 in 4 who have tested positive to COVID-19 are not self-isolating.

This group of people is walking free among us, going about their business all in the full knowledge that they have the virus, they are intentionally spreading this to others and making it harder to get control of this illness.

I learned this while listening to the news on the ABC while I drove to pick up my son from childcare, well it was officially last Friday 31st of July when I heard the news. The newsreader announced that the armed forces had gone door to door to ensure that this group was at home and doing the right thing, only to discover that they were not at home! And some of this group was not home from the last checks!

My family and others have been in lockdown from March to about mid-May, we stayed at home, kept to ourselves and if we did go out we only ventured to the local oval to let the kids play a bit and then walk home. Our outings consisted of getting food and supplies from the shops and the odd visit to the doctors for the kids.  When we went shopping only 1 person went to the shops, we didn’t make it a group outing.

I am now wearing a face mask to be extra safe. You never know right? Plus many places are wanting you to wear one so you can enter their business.

I am now wearing a face mask to be extra safe. You never know right? Plus many places are wanting you to wear one so you can enter their business.

We’ve kept well and would like to keep it that way. We have explored a little bit now that restrictions have relaxed a little bit due to the spike in Victoria and some new cases in Sydney, these restrictions might come back with force.

Many have lost their jobs, are working from home, and are in real financial difficulty due to the impact of COVID, why would people want to prolong this horrible pandemic even longer than is necessary.

I do get the fact that you might need something from the shops, but many are doing home delivery now, and if you say you are at home isolating they can leave it on the front step and you can get the package or delivery at your leisure.

If it is work, the government said that they will pay you $1500 for a fortnight to be off work if you have to self isolate. It is not fun to be facing not being able to work but the community doesn’t stop the spread of this deadly infection then we will be in this terrible state as a country and worldwide for many years to come.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot face years of this situation! I want it to be over like yesterday, but in reality, if we can all just self-isolate and stop the disease spreading we will have a chance to get on top of the situation.

Yesterday the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced strict stage 4 restrictions and even declared a statewide disaster due to the second wave of COVID -19 cases.

All people in Victoria are now on a curfew with many other rules about what they can and cannot do.

Homeschooling starts again for all in Victoria on Wednesday this week and many will also be impacted by businesses and workplaces closing due to not being deemed essential.

I found it tough doing homeschooling and work, I feel for all those in Victoria as I know things will be tough and hard during the lockdown.

In Sydney, we have had more cases, and some areas have been dubbed clusters.  I just hope that we can get a handle on it and be in a better situation for next year at the earliest.

Woolworths has made an announcement that all customers for all their stores and other businesses should wear masks. I now like others are donning a mask for my everyday tasks, however, my mask seems to slip off my ears… and for some reason, I only have this issue. Maybe I have weirdly shaped ears???? Where would I go to get a mask that fits and sits well with my odd ears?

I am very disappointed. I did hope that by August we would be in a better situation with this virus.  I am sure I am not the only one that is ticked off that a few is making it harder for the many.

I am annoyed and frustrated that this year has been so broken, upsetting, and just miserable for many.

My kids have lost out on many events, not only due to COVID but also due to the bushfires that were happening over summer earlier in the year.

We all need to do the right thing to get us all back on track. If we cannot do the right thing we will have months and months of lockdown and even worse restrictions than what Victoria is facing.

It is really simple… if you are sick stay at home.

If you have a positive COVID test stay at home.

Please don’t give this terrible illness to people who are doing the right thing and also older/immune comprised.

Don’t try and go to work, don’t visit other areas, don’t go shopping or visit friends and family…..JUST STAY HOME!

I get it, it is super tough.

We are struggling too, both hubby and I are working many jobs and doing whatever we can to survive.

The stress is intense and constant and one that I wish would take a break.

I really don’t understand why anyone would leave their house if they were COVID positive…. maybe these people don’t believe it is real. Maybe they are conspiracy theorists? I really don’t know but the one thing is for sure, the only thing that can stop spreading this deadly infection is if we stay at home, wear face masks, wash your hands, take hand sanitizer with you, and again if you are ill or feel sick stay home!

Are you finding it crazy that people are not self-isolating?

I do hope that everyone can do the right thing and in the next 6-8 weeks, the situation has greatly improved.

Let me know if you are annoyed with this behaviour too.

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