Bunny paws

Easter Bunny Footprints

Easter Bunny Footprints

Last year the Easter Bunny did not clean his paws when he came to our house. I know, it was very rude of him, but we were nice about it and cleaned up the mess. We told the girls that it was nice enough to get some chocolate and he took the trouble to visit our house.

The girls have remembered this, and tell people every now and then that the Easter Bunny came to our house, and that he left paw prints and daddy had to clean them all up.  Poor daddy. The girls were so taken with the fact that the Easter Bunny came and he gave them chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Now you might say, “What do you mean the Easter Bunny had dirty paws?, well I never!” Well the girls were so curious about the paw prints that they investigated and wanted to find out where the bunny had been.  I left carrots out the night before and they were eaten in the morning, he was a hungry bunny.

So if you want to amaze you little one, paw prints are a great way to do it. We found a great image online via google images. We cut out the image and used it as a stencil to then sprinkle flour on the floor, this was easy to clean up and left the idea that the Easter Bunny got his paws dirty before he came into our house.

As Easter is approaching soon, thought that this idea might be of interest.


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