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Pizza paid for by PayPal. Image courtesy of stockimages /

Pizza paid for by PayPal. Image courtesy of stockimages /

We have used it to buy pizza from Domino’s, paid our phone bill with Telstra, purchased honey online, and now paid for movie tickets. What is it you ask? It is PayPal. Do you use PayPal? Do you love the convenience of this brilliant service?

I have noticed lately that more businesses are using PayPal, check out a full list here. They are tapping into people with money that is usually sitting dormant. They would love to use but cannot due to organizations not offering this as a payment option.

If you have a bit of money in a PayPal account it is quick, easy and allows you to not use direct funds or your credit card for small purchases. I know many use PayPal for Amazon, EBay and the like, however it is interesting that more main stream corporates are cashing in on this great way to do business.

Are you new to the whole idea of PayPal? This will help you know more.  Did you know that you can order coffee while you are on the train and it will be ready when you get to the cafe. All you need to do is to pay on the go! How easy is this! Amazing really. No waiting, just arrive and pick up your coffee and go straight to work.

Coffee purchased via Pay as You Go. Image courtesy of digitalart /

Coffee purchased via Pay as You Go. Image courtesy of digitalart /

One of the twins wanted to go and see Rio2 at the cinema. I looked online and saw that you could book tickets online. Once on the link it then sent me off to a PayPal page to purchase. Once all done, I have now got an email with ticket confirmation and a bar code. I can either print it out or show the email on my smart phone to be green and save paper.  How savvy are the cinema to be adopting this technology to increase sales and to make it easier for their customers.

The kids are now super excited to be off to the movies and I am keen to see how the process works when we get to the cinema when we show our ticket on my phone.

Where have you used PayPal and how did it make things easier? Do you love it? Has it made it better and quicker? I think it has for me. Send in your comments.

Note: This is not a paid post for PayPal. I just love the service and wanted to showcase how major stores are now adding PayPal to their payment options.

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