Woolies at Leura


Woolworthes at Leura opened on the 14th of April.  I decided to go and visit to see what the new shopping experience was like. I can honestly say, that I was amazed at the selection, the displays and just the whole experience. Not sure what it was or if it is just new, but I really enjoyed it. That is quite a thing coming from me as lately it is a chore to go shopping with the girls as they are more curious of things and seem to be grabbing extra things to add to my already stuffed trolley.

My mum and step dad are currently minding a house in Katoomba so thought I should ask if they would like to come along as well. They were getting ready to go there as well, so I did not feel so bad that my day consisted of visiting a place to buy food and other supplies with children.

I explained this to Kay, my sister. She could not stop laughing that this was my day out. I explained that this is big for our area, and it gives us so much more choice now. But it is rather sad that I had such a fun time going food shopping. Oh well…. let’s pray this does not last.

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