Julia said Weetbix today. I have been feeding the girls Weetbix with banana for a while now. At first they did not like it not one bit.  I explained this to James my husband and he thought that was great, he hates Weetbix and was glad to hear that his girls hated it.I grew up on Weetbix and wanted the girls to eat it. It is so much easier to eat this for breakfast rather than something else that you need to buy from Heinz or some other manufacturer.Now the like it so much they finish nearly all their food. Sometimes they don’t and sometimes they eat it all. I give them 2 biscuits with milk and a banana.

I was so pleased when Julia said Weetbix. Explained this to James and he is now a bit upset as he has realised that he is loosing the battle to not have them eat Weetbix. It helps when you are home all the time and making sure they eat well. 🙂

How has your child gone eating things that you have thought are good for them? I have found that it does take a couple of goes or more than that. Being persistent is the key.

Happy eating and I hope your child will like and eat Weetbix too, or something that you have been trying to get them to eat.

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